Healing is a process that can sometimes be erroneously romanticized. It is daunting and draining, and the journey from point A to B is not exactly linear. This process could cause a lot more pain than what prompted the need for it, but in its course, the restoration of other people can be made possible.

Through her story and accomplishments, Cloé Luv demonstrates how one can be of service to others and help alleviate their pain, all the while getting back on their feet and overcoming so many of life’s adversities.

Cloé is a serial entrepreneur whose evolution from being a victim of her circumstances to a hero helping others get out of theirs is incredibly inspirational. She is the visionary behind the ventures Brook Brovaz, Women With Voices, and Cloe’s Corner.

Often referred to as the Renaissance Woman, Cloé is the first and youngest African American woman to own and operate a notable music production company and commercial recording facility called Brook Brovaz, managing a team of producers and composers whose music is used in some of today’s most popular television shows and films. 

Brook Brovaz has worked with some of the hottest musicians, from upcoming artists to multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-winning stars. It has also delivered services in the form of musical compositions to major companies in TV, film, ads, video games, and mnemonics. 

Currently, Brook Brovaz is busy with a project that is written, produced, and performed by its two lead producers. Partial proceeds from this budding masterpiece will be dedicated to creating an art program for the youths.

As a Black woman, Cloé is aware of the different issues of today and how they significantly impact the female population. Historically, women have always been given the shorter end of the stick, subjected to various forms of discrimination and barred from platforms that would lead to their growth. And as long as the societal conventions and gender norms that perpetuate the supposed submission and inferiority of women remain, there will always be a need for organizations, such as Cloé’s Women With Voices, that fight to elevate women to greater heights. 

Women With Voices is a 501c3 organization that focuses on areas such as mental health, sexual liberation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and family. At Women With Voices, they correct the harmful misconception that to be pro-woman means being anti-male. They encourage collaborations among advocates, regardless of gender, and honor both women and male allies, who play a crucial role in female empowerment, during their annual award ceremony and gala.

This business mogul, who is also the mind behind the social digital platform We Up Lift Women, then added Cloé’s Corner to her portfolio of cause-oriented initiatives. Her coworking and event space is located in the heart of Brooklyn, half a block from the famous Barclay’s Center. It serves women and minorities by bringing resources and knowledge to these underserved communities. And although they emphasize catering to the concerns of Blacks and minorities, this brainchild of Cloé also promotes the welfare of others and celebrates diverse cultures. 

In Cloé’s every entrepreneurial and personal move, it is clear that she has the upliftment of others in mind. Regardless of the nature of her venture, it will always be marked by its contributions to making local community members and disadvantaged people live a more enriched life. 

Know more about Cloé Luv and her change-making ventures by visiting her website and Instagram page.