HRIS Software Working Couple

The novel coronavirus has brought all kinds of challenges with it in the lives of working professionals. Since a nation-wide lockdown is imposed, couples are struggling with maintaining work efficiency as they continue to be quarantined at home. There are unending impromptu requirements and different distractions, especially when you have to simultaneously take care of another person living with you. 

Talking about working couples, it has become hard to maintain the work-life balance because of the lack of routine and professionalism at home. However, things can turn favorable and it might as well be a learning experience if a suitable schedule is followed. To ace the WFH challenge during the lockdown and set a benchmark for other couples, continue reading the article.

Here are 7 tricks that can smoothly turn couples into work buddies: 

Push Each Other Forward

The lockdown has dimmed the spark of ambition a little in everyone’s lives. We are sleepy all the time and more lethargic & worn out even as we have lesser responsibilities. This is the time to remind your partner of the need to work and motivate them to strive for their goals. It is not just personally but supporting your partners on the professional front is a must. Drag them out of the bed, splash water on their faces, or seat them in front of the desktop, if need be. The first step is to push each other forward.

Divide Household Chores 

Or, at least help each other out! Gone are the days when women were supposed to do all the cooking and cleaning, and only men were the breadwinners. It’s the time of equality. So, if both of you are working members, work together at everything. Divide the work as per the suitability of work, hours of the day, or days of the week. As partners, it is important to be each other’s helping hand, then why not start with the household chores? Just remember to make the decisions by mutual consent.  

Work From Home Office

This is the most recommended way of maintaining work efficiency for the work from home scenarios. The best way is to set up a small in-house office and pretend to be at the workplace together. This way, you can also assist each other easily, when needed. This trick helps to enhance productivity and performance while you are at WFH. Make sure to integrate all the necessary resources and equipment such as Wi-Fi connection, HRIS software, and other essential tools to carry out the tasks efficiently. If you can’t take your eyes off of your spouse, try choosing separate rooms for establishing the workspaces.

Take Quick Breaks In Between 

A little in-between breather is necessary to keep going. Just like in the office, employees go for tea and coffee breaks, you can try the same at home. Work in a time-bound schedule and fix the timings for these short breaks so that you don’t waste a lot of time. Studies have found that those who do strain their brains by working relentlessly and take quick breathers to get some fresh air are likely to be more productive. All you have to do is try not to procrastinate as you work or while you are at break and the WFH struggle will soon turn into a cakewalk.

Health & Safety Comes First! 

“In sickness and in health…” Another important factor amid the outbreak of this global pandemic is staying fit and healthy as you continue to work. So, be the perfect partner by being there for your better half if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other type of illness. Take all the precautionary and preventive measures required such as keeping the hands sanitized, wearing masks (whenever needed), and maintaining cleanliness in the house. Also, do not forget to keep the basic medicines available at all times. Lastly, support each other emotionally to curb the mental disturbance observed as the most common adverse impact of the lockdown

Do Post-Work Check-Up

No matter if you work from the office or your homes, checking up on your partner is always good. Ask questions like “How was your day?” and “How was work today?” or try to know if they faced any challenges. Sharing problems makes the stress go away! So, once you both are done working for the day, don’t forget to check up on them. It’s good to know that someone cares.  

Share Your Experience

Couples all over the world are rewriting work ethics during the WFH phase of the extended lockdown. It is advisable to be vocal about your positive experiences of working at home. Your stories can challenge and even inspire other couples to do better. So, share how you are managing your work-life balance during the times of a global pandemic. 

All of us will get back to our hectic/busy lives sooner or later, fighting to find a little break for ourselves and our loved ones. So, take this situation as a silver lining in the cloud. The point is that if you really are locked down together 24X7, why not make it work! In a nutshell, this opportunity of spending so much time near your partners might never come back.