As every year draws to a close, we either catch ourselves wondering if we should set new year’s resolutions or someone inadvertently asks us if we have any new year’s resolutions set. And every year, we set a few resolutions that are destined to fail from the beginning. We usually end up getting discouraged with those resolutions as we have such high expectations and look that at them as all or nothing approach and looking for quick results.

Yes, the two sound very similar but can achieve very different results. Resolutions are very broad statements whereas goals are specific and more time-oriented.

Let’s take for example of some of the most common new year resolutions:

  • I want to travel more
  • I want to have more work/home balance
  • I want to get in shape

None of the above statements actually tell us how we are going to achieve these or a timeline of when these need to be achieved by.  They lack measurements to hold us accountable. 

Now, let’s change each one of these resolutions into a goal and give ourselves a clear road map that defines plans and actions for success:

  • I will eat out only three times per week and will pack my lunches for school and work and will save $2000 before June 1st so I can book that trip to Hawaii for July 4th.
  • I will be home no later than 6 pm 4 times a week so I can have dinner with the family.
  • I will go to the gym four times a week and have no less than 15,000 steps daily. I will also lose 10lbs by June 1st.

So with the onset of a new decade, we have the opportunity to stop making and breaking empty resolutions and actually set some tangible goals.

How will you rephrase your 2020 resolutions into goals?  


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