What does it mean to set your soul on fire?

Setting your soul on fire:

To light up your true essence so fully that you choose to live your life in a state of such complete and total surrender and trust, that you are willing to release and alchemize ANYTHING that is out of alignment with your true authentic self.

It is a desire to set your heart ablaze.

To melt away the clutter that is blocking you from seeing truth.

To Ignite your inner light, so it can shine so fucking brightly and epically, that it inspires a ripple of awe to spread in all directions around you, like wild fire in the brush.

It involves deeply living into and embodying truth at such a base core level of being, that the lies and distortions you’ve accumulated over countless lifetimes burst into flames, burn brightly, and disappear into ash.

From this alchemical fire, from these remaining smoldering ashes, your soul can rise like a mighty phoenix, claiming the truth of who you are and be, wholeheartedly and without apology.

Being unapologetically you

We are so programmed to apologize that we slink around like meek little kittens afraid of our own shadows. Afraid to piss anyone off.

In this, we dim our soul light. Sometimes so much, we can’t even find it.

Dismantling these fear programs that keep us from accessing or recognizing our inner light requires an alchemical process of deep level transformation.

You see, you cannot simply transcend and rise above this. You cannot spiritually bypass the fiery mess of life.

And there is no real “bottom” that you will ever hit.

There is no center to the infinite infamous layered onion you peel, so desperately seeking solace from your shadow.

The depths are endless my love.

Your shadow never goes away.

So it becomes a dance, between polarities.

A play between opposites.

Holding the paradox while shattering the myths within it.

The beautiful fucking messy paradox of life. The divinity and the humanity, blended together, infused as one.

You must dive into the fire.

You must choose to be with the shadows in richness and depth while simultaneously holding the brightest light beyond what’s imaginable.

That fire, that light, is the magical alchemy potion that illuminates your truth.

So darling, set your fucking soul on fire and allow your truth to burn so brightly, it becomes a lighthouse for all of humanity to awaken to.

And as always…

Show up courageously. Be authentic. Speak your soul’s truth. Unapologetically. And with love. ~ Diana Rose Kottle

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