I help all kinds of people to set and achieve their goals. Whether it’s tangible goals of manifesting their dream home, getting a promotion or increasing their income or goals that enable my clients to feel and be a certain way; like calm and centred instead of anxious.  More self-belief instead of self-doubt. Goals can come in many different shapes and sizes.  

Let’s address something here; 

Whose goals are you creating?

Are they things that you want?

Or are they things that society or family told you that you should be aiming for?

This indoctrination of who we are destined to be starts young.

Remember questions like, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, we can be, do and have anything that we want.

We are expected to make decisions at the tender age of 15/16 about what we want to do with our futures and if we don’t know we can be made to feel like we have no direction, focus or drive. 

The thing is, those decisions are made with little or no life experience. Many people get into their 30s and 40s and still don’t understand their life purpose and that is ok too. 

We are not taught to connect to our higher self in school, to connect to what’s best for us emotionally. We are not taught to honour our bodies or to create a future from what we feel is right. What looks good from the outer world doesn’t always feel good on the inside. 

Back in my day we were all meant to be home owners, married and having kids by 30 at the latest! I am hoping that things have changed now, but have they really? Or are we still being defined by the goals that society has set for us? 

Do you know what you really want?
Are you setting goals because they are right for you and aligned to your own values and not someone else’s?

Do you know enough about yourself to explore this concept a little?

Are you struggling to create inspiring, motivating goals for yourself?
How would it be for you if you knew what you really, really wanted, in detail? 

What would you be doing on a daily basis if you created the perfect goal for yourself?

Who would you be showing up to be, right now, in this present moment?

When you are fully aligned to who you are then what you really want will become apparent. It may just need a little unearthing as you’ve been weighed down by the thinking of the majority and the way they have been conditioned. You are a free-thinking, powerful force to be reckoned with. You just have to remember that.

Turn your gaze inwards. Find out more about who you really are and what is right for you based on what your heart feels and not what your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone else thinks is right for you.

We will be exploring this subject in depth during the first month of Chrysalis Club. I will be teaching you how to connect with yourself so that you can create the perfect goal and take steps forward, creating that life that you truly love and deserve.

Love & light,