You’ve imagined it. 

The success, the revenue, the happy customers…

Then your website goes live, you have a beautiful social media page ready, your desk is stocked with fresh pens and paper, and you are ready to rock. 

Let the money start rolling in!

Then it doesn’t. 

For days. Maybe months. 

You start to internally freak out, and your husband starts hounding you on how much money you’ve spent so far to prep your business. You pull funds from this account and maybe that other account, perhaps start to put things on your credit cards. Maybe you’re wondering if you made a mistake. As the days go on, your well-meaning loved ones and friends ask you how it’s going, and you stay positive, but depending on their opinions, you might be tempted to pivot.

This is normal, but this is not fun. This early stage of business isn’t something we glorify, like the success stories. These can be some of the scariest times of your life. This may be the time in your business where people start to plant seeds of doubt, and you have to choose whether you are going to water those seeds or plant your own.

I’ve been through this three times, and the best advice I can give to you in these early days is to take it day by day and take the next right step, whatever that is, however small that is. Just take the next right step.

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to be objective about it, let me assist. We own a marketing and consulting agency, so my advice is to make sure you know your target customer (or demographic as we say). Your first step is to get amazingly clear about who you serve and write down everything you know about them, from their age to what they like to eat for breakfast.

I’m not kidding.

The more you know them, the better shot you have at getting your business in front of them.

From there, you make your next move. Find more ways to be around your future customers. 

That, my dear, is all I want to dole out right now, because sometimes we don’t even stop long enough to do this when we’re desperate for the cash to roll in.

I was listening to a podcast from Ursula Mentjes, one of our favorite guests recently, and was inspired by the simplest thing the guest said:

“What is one thing I can do today to move my business forward?” 

I set a reminder with this very phrase on my phone to pop up every day at 10 a.m. so I don’t forget to do this myself. I plan to put it in a frame on my desk. As an achiever, I love that this message is so clear and even on my most chaotic days, I know I can do one thing to move my business forward.

What’s one thing you can do today to move your business forward? 

In my heart, I know that if you are truly aligned with your business, it will happen. If there’s any part of you that feels you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to exit early. However, if you know at your core this is what you’re meant to do, keep taking those next steps, even when it’s scary. You’ll figure it out as you go. Some days, you’re going to be the only one cheering it on. Some days, you’ll have multiple cheerleaders and it will feel easier and more joyful.

Here’s what I want you to remember as you build your business:

It’s like getting ready for company to come to your house for a nice, holiday dinner.

You plan, you prepare, you communicate with your guests, you clean like a madwoman, possibly bicker with your kids and husband about doing their share to get ready, you get out the nice hand towels, and you hope you get to shower and do your hair before they arrive. You set the table, have a sip of wine, and welcome your guests.

This is what it’s like before your business grows. You are the hostess. The processes, painful moments, and preparation are what happens behind the scenes before your customers (the guests) arrive. You often don’t relax until the meal is served and they are raving about how you make it all seem so effortless. 

Set your table. Welcome your guests. Bask in what you’ve created. It’s happening, one next step at a time. You’ve got this.

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