I am a morning person, and I like to start my day off in a way that is predictable way and is not rushed.

In a previous work position (Children’s Bureau), we talked a lot about ‘Predictive Indexing’.

The Predictive Index is a tool that is used to assess personality to effectively hire staff who are a good fit for the position that is open.

It helps the hiring entity get to know themself, as well as helping the hiring entity understand the personality  type of person they are interviewing.

The tool allows the interviewer to understand how they may match both the position and the personality of their supervisor(s)


On the Predictive Index, I am considered to be a ‘Highest C’.

Characteristics of this type of personality typically mean:

I like stability, I like predictability, and I like to do things in a certain order. Pace is very important to me.  I feel comfortable with routine, and am very family oriented.

My specific paces varies between very quick (staccato) and pretty slow (largo)

This personality characteristic of mine fits in very well with my morning routine.

I wake up thinking about what I need to do, about what happened at the end of the day yesterday, and trying to make my morning ‘fun’.

(I frequently catch myself saying to myself ‘well, that’s not fun’! Or ‘this will be fun’!! That’s a side note that isn’t captured on the Predictive Indexing tool though)

My husband, who is neither highest C nor is he a morning person, thinks differently about mornings.

He is doing in the morning what I do at night, which is just trying to go from one phase (sleep) to another (awake).

We have instituted a routine that helps both of us with our different needs.

When I wake up and it is a work day, I like to start with a cup of tea.

While I am fixing my tea I also fix him coffee. I like the warm feel of the mug in my hand. I like how it forces me to slow down a little (I tend to rush), and I enjoy the flavor of Earl Gray, a little cream, and a little sugar.

While I drink the tea, I might watch a little television.

I might get on my computer, and catch up on emails from the previous day, or I might think about what the day will be like.

He, on the other hand, is smelling the coffee to help wake up, then drinking it for that rush of caffeine that will also help him wake up.

My routine is not set in stone, and it sometimes gets switched for various reasons. It is one that helps me start my day off meeting some of my own priorities. #weeklyprompt #productivity Thrive Global

Gotta go. Drinkin’ my morning tea and typing. 🙂

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