gadgets of life that are helpful as your daily driver

We are living in an age of technology and each part of our life is depending on tools and gadgets to increase productivity and ease of work. From heavy machines to microchips, every tool is designed to help mankind live in a better lifestyle and work in a comfortable environment.

Gadgets not only help you work faster; they also help you to do it correctly and increase productivity. There are thousands of products in the market and this makes it difficult for you to choose from. We have searched the market and shortlisted some of the good gears and gadgets depending upon their ease to use and productivity.

Tiny Tower  

Laptops have replaced traditional Desktop computers because of their portability and liability. You can take them anywhere you want and deliver your work. But if you have to sit for a long time in your office, laptops are not recommended. The more we spend time on them, the more we get a victim of tension and pain in our neck, back, and shoulders. The tiny Tower is a portable and height adjusted laptop stand. It allows you to set up and get to work in no time whether it’s the office, home, café or anywhere you want.

It has an elegant design which integrates beautifully with your laptop helping your work comfortably and protect your posture. You can adjust the height according to your comfort. There are 10 different height levels available. when you are done, it takes less than ten seconds to fall down flat into a   compact and lightweight unit that you can take anywhere.


You probably spent many of your conscious hours at the workspace, maybe your ergonomics could be better and you may improve your efficiency simply by making your workspace more dynamic. Uplift creates an ergonomic working position easily adjusted to any height by activating the manual elevating system. With great stability, it easily lifts your workspace through a specific height whether you use a laptop or stationary computer.

Uplift transforms any table into a height adjustable desk which means that you can create a dynamic office or at home without compromising the aesthetics. Uplift is quickly adjusted manually using no electricity. You can create a pleasant atmosphere in your office with the help of uplift. No need to compromise the aesthetics by discarding tables and replace them with regular height adjusted desk. 


we can not get away from using a computer mouse in our daily lives. But we built up stress on our hands and feel unnecessary pain in our wrist by regularly using mouse.  Even for casual online shopping for long hours you feel tired because of the uncomfortable design of working mouse. People often unconsciously place their hands vertically and feel more comfort.

The egg holding shape of hands is considered to be the most balance hand shape. Have you ever held an egg in your hand and feel comfortable? Many of us may have done that but they didn’t know the science behind that. Nest is ergonomic because it is based on the egg theory. When you hold it, you will feel like you are holding an egg in your hand and you will not het tired after long hours of work.

Its design is based on natural moment of each finger and comfort of your wrist. Normal working mouse can be harmful for your wrist and fingers, nest gives you ease of operations as it is very elegant and efficient. Nest support you no matter where you work, whatever you do. All this was possible because nest was built on technology from nature. This gadget allows you to maximize your performance with comfort and efficiency.

Coller Perfect.

Every body wishes to keep his clothes ironed wherever they go doesn’t matter how long they wear them. But most of the times it gets de shaped in less than a day. Coller perfect is the solution for this trouble. This is a portable iron. Because of its wonderful design you can take it anywhere you want and its very economic due to its very low use of electricity. You can iron different types of clothes with this iron and feel good because of its ease to use.

PlayBulb candle.

Lightning is very important in any house not only for decoration but also for comfort purpose. This gadget will help your house look beautiful but also very stylish. PlayBulb smart light is specially designed to decorate interior and exterior of your home. There are forty million colors built inside the light and it is very easy to use. The light is totally wireless and it operates on re chargeable battery. You can connect it to your phone and change lighting colors.

Kardia (check your heart rate)

we use different types of devices to check our heart rate and blood pressure. But this is not possible to check all these from one device very easily. To check your heart rate and blood pressure with cardia you just have to take simple steps. Place Kardia near your phone.

Place your fingers for thirty seconds on the Kardia and you are done. Just check see the results. You don’t have to visit your doctor for such a simple thing. Feel easy to use it anywhere.

Maga max Tool Kit

You need different types of tools for repair and create. You were not able to keep all those tools in pocket in past but now it is possible with Mega max Tool kit. There are tools for everything. You can repair house hold items, tighten check bolts, nuts and even cut anything. Very useful to work with and because you can take it anywhere in your pocket.