Let’s be honest, most of us, at some time or another haven’t had our act together.

It’s tough. We can have a lot of commitments, whether it’s work, children, family, goals, health, fitness…

The list goes on. Having everything together isn’t always easy.
However, not having our act together can cause more stress and anxiety.

Which leads to health issues, including digestion. Leaving people needing to get their act together.

Which I, personally, learnt the hard way. The worst part of my story was that I “thought” I did have it all together. I mean I was 20, I clearly knew everything. Until I wasn’t digesting food. It was like my body became intolerant to the bull I was feeding it.

My work helping people get their act together didn’t start with my story.

It actually started when I was working as a nutritionist.

What I learnt from being a nutritionist is it isn’t simply changing someone’s diet, no. It’s more than that. A lot more. You’re looking at the reasons why people eat certain foods. Why they don’t want to change when they say they want to. Then breaking down all their excuses on why they can’t change. Trust me when I say this, being a nutritionist is not a simple undertaking.

Now I’m a professional Get Your Act Together-er.
Here is what I have learnt from not only getting my act together but also from helping other people get their act together.

People make excuses for why they can’t change.

So here are Seven Ways People Prevent Themselves From Getting Their Act Together.

1) Forgetting To Say No.

I genuinely believe people have hardwired their brains into thinking that saying no is physically damaging to them. I know I did it to myself.

Think about all the times you have wanted to say no. However, instead of saying no, you said yes. Usually, because you have come up with a narrative of all the bad things that will happen if you say no.

Maybe because you think Tom, Dick and Harry will curse the day you were born for saying no.

Saying yes all the time, especially when you want to say no is wasting your time.

Think about all the ways you could be getting your act together if you just said no.

2) Distractions

This is one of the biggest ones.

There are so many distractions around us. Whether it’s TV, social media, the internet, life drama etc.

There is always something to do.

Getting your act together takes time. It takes self-reflection. How are you are going to do that when there are all these shiny objects floating around.

Getting your act together isn’t comfortable. You have to look at hard truths about yourself. For a lot of people that discomfort pushes them to distract themselves. It’s as if they are trying to escape their reality.

Making it IMPOSSIBLE to get their act together.

3) Lack Of Accountability.

If there isn’t anyone around that is a good influence guiding you, then you’re screwed. You have no one to be accountable to.

Being accountable to yourself is where you want to be, however, for a lot of people, it’s tough. You have to wade through a river to be able to put it all together.

I recently wrote a blog on Why Being Responsible Is A Super Power. It really is. If you can hold yourself accountable and take responsibility, it becomes a lot easier to get your act together.

Taking accountability is uncomfortable. You have to own all your mistakes. Recognise you are your biggest hurdle and find a way to overcome.

4) You’re Future “Me-ing” It.

You know those times where you can see something that you need to fix? Or a job that needs to be done and you say “I’ll do it later’?
Yeah, that’s future me-ing the problem. I can guarantee that future you, strongly dislikes past you.

Not “dealing” with a problem/job/deadline/ bill whatever it is in the moment is adding more tasks that you need to get together.
Sometimes getting your act together is actually removing tasks and not adding to them.

5) The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

I see this time and time again.

People tell themselves stories about why they can’t get their act together. Whether it’s quitting a job, asking for a raise, leaving a toxic relationship or joining a gym.

The fictitious stories you tell yourself can render you inactive and prevent you from moving forward.

This one can be a tough one to overcome. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves, we have been telling ourselves since we were kids.

Breaking that cycle can be difficult.

6) You’re Saying “I Don’t Have Time”.

Who here has visited this land? I know I have, many times. It’s where dreams go to die.

Look, I get it. We are all busy. I agree. Sometimes, on occasions, we simply don’t have times.

However, let’s quickly review number one in this article. Forgetting to say no.

If people can’t break this cycle and take an honest look at their time, then it’s going to be really hard to get their act together.

A lot of people I work with have issues with control. Anxiety can come from a lack of control. However, letting go and letting people help you to give you more time is essential.

7) You’re Living In The “When I”.

This one is so common.

I have met clients, friends, family members, acquaintances that say this all the time.

For instance:

I’ll join the gym “when I” lose a little more weight. I’ll quit my (toxic) job “when I” reach x, y, z. I’ll spend more time with friends “when I” have more time. I’ll quit drinking “when I” have finalised x, y, z. ‘

You know what I told myself a lot? I’ll sort out my anxiety “when I” don’t have digestive issues. This literally prevented me from getting my act together literally and figuratively.

If you’re always waiting for the perfect moment to change, you’re wasting your time.

For more information about stress, anxiety, burnout, digestion or getting your act together, head over to my blogs and video section.

Or if you would like to get in touch, feel free to reach me here.
Stop waiting and start Getting Your Act Together.