We all face toxic people in our lives from time to time. They drain your energy and bring you down. These difficult individuals can wreak havoc on your life in all sorts of ways. They can be hard to recognize, though. This is especially true with people who’ve been in your life for a long time. You get used to certain patterns and behaviors from long-term connections. It can be hard to pinpoint the ways in which these folks might be making your life harder.

1. Self-Centered

Do you have a person in your life who only wants to focus on you? These folks may talk about themselves incessantly, fail to listen to your issues or never even seem to consider you at all. Interacting with these folks is often frustrating and unfulfilling. 

2. Judgmental

The judgmental individual always has something critical to say about others, but they never seem to take a look at their own flaws. They may gossip. Often, they may even criticize you. It can take a toll on your emotional well-being and self-esteem. 

3. Controlling

If you have a controlling person in your life, you may feel like your choices are not your own. They find ways, both direct and indirect, to keep you in your place. You’ll find that your lack of free will can be isolating and damaging. 

4. Exhausting

Some people are just exhausting to be around in general. They may worry too much, complain constantly, be conceited or find other ways to suck your energy. These vampires make you feel tired or on-edge every time you’re around them. 

5. Arrogant

Your arrogant friend or partner always thinks they’re right. They push their opinions on you as if they are facts, and they make every interaction into a challenge. They don’t see you as an equal. Their presence can leave you feeling less than and resentful. 

6. Manipulative 

Manipulative people use subtle tactics to get their own way. They may divert attention to another topic, use gaslighting to make you think you’re crazy, use false logic or become overly defensive in order to play on your feelings. Manipulators always end up portraying themselves as the protagonist in an unnecessary battle. You rarely win.

7. Jealous

Jealous people exhibit their insecurity in a number of ways, all of which are unhealthy. They’re never happy for your accomplishments. They become defensive if you show interest in other people. These individuals steal your happiness and fulfillment. 

These are seven common types of toxic people. There are definitely other kinds. However, this list should help you to identify some of the more problematic individuals in your life so that you can begin to set boundaries and formulate a strategy for protecting yourself.