In his famous poem “Ode to immortality” the great
romantic poet William Wordsworth wrote, ‘Child is the father of man’.

In deed this is very true, many a times we learn from our children new things where they become our teachers and we their students.

The children born in this age are very tech friendly. Even the six months old child knows how to pose for selfie. Sometimes when I am not able to use all my smartness to understand the functions of my smartphone my daughter would say, ‘mummy let me help you’. This extra ability of our new generation to grasp things very quickly, makes me think, how we can raise a smart child? and I have found out few ways where their energy can be directed in right direction.

1.When nurturing a smart child ‘s abilities it is very important that we focus on the child’s preferences, and then built upon his interest. 

2. After finding out his interest for any hobby we need to provide the child with the opportunities to nurture his or her passion or ability at an early age.

3. Child should be provided with the right environment to develop his or her hidden talents. While genetics is thought to play a major role in this development, good environment and atmosphere at home in which the child is raised is also a significant contributor and accelerate the growth of child and motivates him to bring to the table beat version of himself or herself.

4. Apart from nurturing hobbies, a smart kid should be nurtured from an early age by encouraging his/her brain development on all areas of the child ‘s life. For this the child should be given small tasks at home or in school where he or she should act as a decision maker. Decision making empowers the child with the leadership quality.

5.How successful and smart person knows how to be mentally and emotionally balanced, similarly a smart child should know how-to deal with emotions from early age. While children have different ways of dealing with emotions learning how to vent them goes a long way in ensuring they are happy at the end. We can offer them various tools like writing daily journal, talking with themselves in the mirror etc.

6.This emotional development will help the child to deal with the issues related with self-esteem, self-worth. Children should learn at an early age how to deal with emotions both positive and negative. This in the long run will ensure the growth of an empowered human being capable of handling oneself in different situations of life.

7. However, when all is said and done, it all boils down to the kind of food we feed our child, that ensures his physical and mental stamina. While the brain is naturally modified to learn new things at fast pace, we can boost our child’s skill by providing healthy and nutritious food.

In conclusion, I can say, being a parent is very challenging as no child comes with a manual on what you can do and what no to do, we need to know more about our child by spending quality time with them and with the two best friends called patience and perseverance we can raise smart children who can flourish in all sphere of life.