female sexual arousal

Sexual desire in women. Yes, I know you just gulped and looked behind your shoulder to see whether there is anyone peeking to see what you are reading. But hey, this is a topic that we need to be looking into because it is almost tearing your marriage apart. And because of how important it is, you are here reading about it, right?

I came to research about it because well, things have been not going so well in my marriage and sex life. While my husband is still very active and wants to try all different styles and methods, on the other hand, I am bored and at most times not aroused. So, I thought that most career women like me who want to scale the corporate ladder must also be having the same problem that I am currently going through and they really need help. So, I went ahead and research on how women can better their sex lives as well as maintain arousal even as age and worklife comes in.

Natural aphrodisiacs

The moment we hear the word aphrodisiac, we at most times think of chemicals, viagra and all those black market things. But hey, there are some natural female aphrodisiacs such as the spanish fly drop, red wine as well as dark chocolate that are natural and have been proven by lots of women to be very effective in their work.

Push away birth control and anti depressant pills off the cupboard

Research done by an European organisation in 2010 found out that women who use hormonal contraceptives are highly likely to battle with sexual dysfunction later in their lives as compared to those who do not use the hormonal birth control pills. The use of antidepressants have not been spared either as it has also been linked with women not getting easily sexually aroused. These drugs have been linked with lowering the sexual desire in women as well as making it hard to achieve orgasm once they start using them though they were able to achieve climax before. So if you are here reading about how to improve sexual arousal for females and yet have some hormonal birth control pills or methods, I would advise you to ditch them. You can also speak with your physician to get rid of those antidepressants that might be affecting your sex life.

Sugary dessert are a no-no

Sugar is a big no-no for testosterone which is the sex hormone. So if you want to enjoy better times under the bed sheets, then it is time to say no to too much sugar as well as those sweet desserts that you have been taking. Maybe you could look for sugarless alternatives.

Kick sexual myths out of the house

We live in a society where when a woman shows tendencies of arousal, they are understood to be vulgar, whorish and all sorts of dirty adjectives. Maybe you have also conformed to the societal norms and myths and come to believe that you are not supposed to express yourself sexually. Well, time is up for you to stop lying low and embrace your womanhood and chase that which you need.