Some of us have stronger resilience power than the rest of us, and the only measurement that makes us different in the strength of our resilience power is the level of self-awareness and in general awareness. The more awareness we gain the higher resilience power we discover within our self.

Resilience has been described as the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Times are not easy now. How do we develop greater resilience to withstand the challenges that keep being thrown at us? In this interview series, we are talking to mental health experts, authors, resilience experts, coaches, and business leaders who can talk about how we can develop greater resilience to improve our lives.

As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Shadi Amiri..

Shadi Amiri is a successful Magical Life Transformation life/spiritual coach who managed to transform her own life from the darkest time of lower than rock bottom to her ultimately happy dream life in less than a year, and today she is helping thousands of people to do the same in their own life.

Thank you so much for joining us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your backstory?

I am 37 years old turning 38 on July 21st ,2022. Not long ago I thought I was living in a life of misery not knowing that the life I called miserable was sweet comparing to the trauma that could break me into pieces.

At the time I was struggling in an unhealthy relationship, working in a field far away from who I was, and every single day of my life I was hoping for that one day when I could see the true color of inner happiness within my heart.

Living a happy life with a loving partner in my dream lifestyle, doing what I love to do was a dream far away from the reality of my life at the time, so far away from me that I even believed that the possibilities to achieve that ultimate happiness for me stood in my next life, if there was going to be a next life.

In the midst of my miserable day to day life, on January 30th 2019 I lost my 37 years old and only brother to sudden death. My dark world became darker and darker every day. That’s when I realized before this tragedy, the misery of my life was left to my choice, I could change it but by walking out of that relationship, but my choice was to stay there and experience the misery. But after losing a loved one the true color of true misery showed me the real pain, when I had no option to make a change to see another smile of my beautiful brother ever again. I felt like I was living deep down in a dark tunnel of suffering wich left me with a difficult way to climb up to see the day light once again. I hit lower than rock bottom, but with the light of my resilience power even at my darkest time I had control and I was aware of my emotions, my cations, and I felt responsible to hold it together so that I could help my parents and the rest of my loved ones grief in peace, but since this trauma was not like any other in my life it made a huge difference in me. It changed me and who I was forever.

Back to the old version of me, as long as I remember I have always been interested in learning methods and practices in spirituality and manifestation world. Deep down I always knew human beings have a power to manifest and design their own life. I was also very blessed to have come across so many amazing gurus and master throughout my life just to learn many super magical methods and rituals which held a promise of magical life transformation behind them all, but like many other people the hardship of life and the poisonous comfort of my comfort zone didn’t allow me to stick to the super magical methods and rituals I learned in life, until I experience the bitterness of lower than rock bottom.

After years and years of struggling in misery finally when I hit lower than rock bottom, I found myself left with two choices,

  1. To get lost in the world of suffering until the last day of my physical life. (which suddenly after this tragedy turned out to be not even considered as a choice in my world any longer)
  2. Start doing all the methods and rituals I had knowledge of and wait for the magic to happen.

With the mindset of new Shadi after the loss of my brother, I chose option number two and before I know it my magical manifestation methods and rituals became my life habits. Somehow so magically I started meeting masters and gurus from the most unexpected sources, who introduced me to the new concepts about the new energy frequencies of the world which began from the begging of 2019.

My dear reader, the magic began to happen. In less than a year I found the peace and acceptance of my brother’s departure within my heart more than ever, I came up with a strange power which felt new and joyful, the miserable relationship magically walked out of my life and my dream man (Just like I described in my manifestation rituals) entered my life, very soon after he proposed and the next month we got happily married. Today I am living with my dream man, in my dream life, doing my dream career and as I have always dreamed of writing a book; I wrote my first book (which is currently in the process of editing to be soon published). I created my online workshop, and as I have always dreamed of, I am now able to help thousands of people achieve their ultimate happiness after and even before they hit their rock bottom.

I achieved my dream life in less than a year, and ever since countless other people achieved their dream life using my same treasure methods and rituals.

My life story wasn’t sweet but I adore every part of it because it made me the woman I am today.

Can you share with us the most interesting story from your career? Can you tell us what lessons or ‘take aways’ you learned from that?

The story of my very first client is the story I will never forget.

There was this amazing lady who was divorced once, and after many failed relationship attempts to find the right partner for nine years she was hopeless and lost. She always wanted to have a child, but it felt impossible for her because as she said she wasn’t getting any younger. She was lost and out of alignment, and in between her relationship struggle she was getting further and further away from her dream career which was moving to California from Toronto and becoming a yoga master in California.

One year before she finds me on social media, she went through a tragic trauma with an accident involving her sister and her nephew. She lost them both which left her with negative believes about this world.

On the first day of her visit, the first question she ever asked me was “Shadi I have been following you on Instagram for the past three months, and all you ever talk about is that you are ultimately happy and you found the magic of this world. But to be honest I don’t even know why this world was created on the first place. Whey are we even born? And why does god want us to suffer all the time? Why do you keep talking about the magical power of the universe?”

“You paid me to come and ask me why you were born on this planet?” I asked with a smile to change the vibe a little.

She replied “Yes, that’s exactly why I’m here”

Fast forward her journey, six months down the road after she started her magical life transformation journey, she found herself engaged to the man of her dreams who by the way lives in California and owns a yoga studio. She unblocked her life in six short months to get to her dream life.

Today two years after the first time she met me, she lives in California, married to her dream man, pregnant with her first child, and best of all she is a successful yogi living her dream life. She is now in peace with the loss of her sister and her nephew, and best of all the most skeptical human I have ever met is now in love with this world and its magic.

This was my first client and ever since her successful transformation, her story goes around in between all my clients as another magical reference of our inner power.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Think about the past couple of years… Have you noticed a massive wave of change in your life starting from 2019? Other than the pandemic of Covid-19 I’m sure most of us have experienced more effects of the massive change of world’s energy frequencies in different areas of our life. Starting from the begging of 2019 the position of the planet and its energy frequencies have massively shifted. The good side of this massive shift is that it has made the energies much easier to connect with, however; the negative side of it is that if we don’t know how to connect with it, we are more likely than ever before to feel lost, out of alignment, exhausted from the little results from our high effort, and unsatisfied.

Even though there are many manifestation masters in the world working as business owners to help other people manifest their dream lives. With all the respect I have for all of them, I believe my magical life transformation world of methods, rituals and knowledge is one of a kind and 100% unique. The reason being is that the combination of the magic of all the methods and ritual used by me are beyond reading the amazing books and watching YouTube videos. I have been blessed to learn my world of magical transformation methods from unique gurus who are not known by the world of social media but connected deeply in higher levels to the world’s energy frequencies. I have been trained and guided based on the new world’s energy frequencies by the best spiritual masters along my way. The sequence of my rituals and practices have been established and designed and 100% proven by myself and my masters throughout my personal magical life transformation journey which has turned out to be a guaranteed magic wand which had worked for myself and countless other people who worked with me.

Every manifestation master have their own unique methods and ways, and I believe the one who seeks to find their own way out of healing from trauma, misery and darkness towards finding their ultimate happiness and manifestation path will easily find the one master who offers the methods which can energetically be aligned with their energy frequencies.

As I manifested on the first day I started the journey of this business and as I keep manifesting every day, I always come across the way of the people who can connect to my methods in the best possible way to get the best possible results out of it, and for that reason every single one of my clients until today have successfully transformed their lives and achieved their ultimate inner happiness. Yes, the methods will perfectly work for any human being on this planet, but I still believe when I am meant to show these ways to someone the universe will guide the one who needs to hear it from me to find me and work with me, and 100% successfully achieve their life in the best possible way.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

There are so many people who have supported me throughout my journey, and I owe my success to them like my mother, my father, my husband, my gurus and masters, my spiritual guides, and my best friends. However, I can name one person who was the reason of my life’s breakthrough and that is my beautiful angel brother.

My angel brother Omid left this physical world on January 30th 2019, and with his angelic departure he showed me the real meaning of life. His departure was the reason I became aware of the value of the remaining time I have left on this physical world. With his departure I realized most of our life troubles are not even worth stressing over because every single day we wake up to see this beautiful physical world, is a blessing and we are meant to make the best out of it. I learned we can chose to live happy or not and we are the soul designers of our own lives.

With his departure he showed me the real meaning of true love, because I could clearly see how people treated me at the hardest time of my life, and I could see how people around him reacted to his departure which gave me the power to clearly distinguish between true vs fake love. And It finally filled me with the power to realize my own worth to be truly loved true love natured people.

As soon as I saw the lifeless body of my brother on the hospital bed my brain suddenly adjusted to the fact that we are all human and we are all going to leave this physical world sooner or later, so my brain came to this conclusion that until I have time to live on this planet, I have to follow my dreams and I have to experience the sweetness of this world within this present moment without letting anyone or anything effecting my happiness in a negative way.

This was my brain’s natural way of resilience towards the path of grieving and healing, but this brain transformation got me closer to myself. This was the reason I started my self-awareness journey, and this was the reason I decided to take the path towards using all the knowledge, methods, tools and rituals I had knowledge of, to become the manifestation magnet that I am today.

I thank my angelic brother for my success, my happiness and my life transformation.

Ok thank you for all that. Now let’s shift to the main focus of this interview. We would like to explore and flesh out the trait of resilience. How would you define resilience? What do you believe are the characteristics or traits of resilient people?

I believe we all have the power of resilience somewhere within us. I personally have been unaware of my full power of resilience until the time when it had to show up. I never thought I was capable of overcoming the loss of my only brother along with many other life troubles all at the same time, but soon after it all happened, I found the power which I never thought existed within me, and soon I realized our brain has a super magical power to help us get out of trauma and difficult times.

Some of us have stronger resilience power than the rest of us, and the only measurement that makes us different in the strength of our resilience power is the level of self-awareness and in general awareness. The more awareness we gain the higher resilience power we discover within ourself.

When a trauma happens, the thought process of people with lower awareness and trapped resilience power would be like:

  • Why did this happen to me? (As if they don’t count themselves as a part of human race, and they are ok if it happens to other people, but it just should have not happened to them).
  • Why am I not lucky?
  • Why is the world against me?
  • This is the worst thing that can ever happen to me.
  • I can never live happy again.

Whereas people with more resilience power and more awarness will have the thought process like:

  • What can I learn from this situation?
  • After all I am a human too and anything could happen to anyone.
  • I am grateful and lucky that this situation didn’t accrue worse than it happened.
  • I wish this never happens for other people, and if it does, I wish for peace and acceptance in their heart.
  • How can I help people around me get over this situation easier?
  • What can I learn from this situation to live happier than ever before?

See? There is a difference between the mind process of people with less resilience power vs people with more resilience power.

After all it’s the power of our mind which guides and lead our life towards a specific direction.

The power of resilience has everything to do with being aware of our inner feelings when something happens, of the changes it makes in our mind and our believes system, and of course the power of our ability to find the lessons we can take out of every difficult experience. The moment we become aware of our inner feelings and our actions, we can easily then be aware of the people around us and their actions and this is the turning point when we can easier control the hardest situations and turn them into the reason of the best life lesson for us and for our loved ones.

As soon as I found out about my brother’s departure, instead of letting my mind wonder through negative thoughts of this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me, I started thanking the universe that this tragic event happened while he was sleeping in his bed and not while he was driving with his family in the car.

It could have been worst if his heart stopped while he was driving with his family in the car. My mind immediately started processing to count the blessings of the health of my niece and nephew and their mom.

The power of resilience lies within everyone, even the ones with less power can still overcome their mind process with a little help to create what’s called the magic of life and bring their power of resilience to the surface.

It’s up to us if we choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel or to stay in the darkness while we choose to close our eyes.

There is one thing we all need to remember at all times. We are all born on this planet to enjoy our life, to find our true self, and to use what we call difficult experiences or failures, to grow, to learn, and to become whole.

As much as we might believe some life traumas or failures are impossible to accept, but somewhere within our heart we can find the power of acceptance and resilience. It may happen sooner for some of us and later for some others but at the end we are all the same, we are all human-kind and capable of activating this inner magical power within our hearts.

Courage is often likened to resilience. In your opinion how is courage both similar and different to resilience?

In my opinion courage can be linked to resilience, but resilience alone can be far away from courage.

I would like to look at courage and resilience from a deeper perspective. From the roots of them, or I better say from the roots of us.

Within each human on this planet lives an inner child and a higher self. The inner child is the part of us which needs attention, love, and care the most; whereas our higher self is the strong part of us who controls our back conscious and our gut feelings. The higher self knows it all and he or she can help us and our inner child at any time. The person who holds a great connection between her inner child, higher self, and physical being is a self-aware human who is enjoying life with ultimate inner happiness.

Every quality, mindset and personality we hold within ourselves are linked to these three beings (our inner child, our higher self, and our physical being), and that’s why courage and resilience can at times be linked together in many ways. As I walked through the path of my life, I learned about the two types of courageous people in this world and the more I live into the mystery of this magical world the more I notice the difference between the two types.

Courage type 1:

Type 1 courageous people are the ones who are fully self-aware and can connect their courageous quality to their resilience mindset in a healthy way. People with type 1 courage quality have found the balance of showing compassion to their inner child by working on its fears while they give power to their higher self to take control of fearful situations. Type 1 courageous people are fully aware of their surrounding and even though they seem like risk takers, their decisions are based on right calculations and most often they find long lasting success in their path.

They are often emotionally balanced (because their inner child, their higher self, and physical self are all satisfied and heard), logical emotions always come in handy for them when it comes to difficult situations and traumas (and this is where they are linked to resilience mindset), and most often their decisions are made with more success rates and even if failure accurse on their path, they don’t look at it as failure, they welcome it as their life lessons.

People with this type of courage are fully self-aware, self-loved and self-confident. While they are confident, they are kind and compassionate towards others and are fully aware of the feelings and emotions of others around them. They know truly who they are and where they stand, so without even trying their resilience power is activated at all times. This is where courage and resilience come from the same root therefore are linked, connected, and similar in nature.

This is the place of ultimate happiness, and this is where I stand today. It is achievable for all of us, how do I know this? Because I came to this level from the level of type 2 courageous personality and believe me, I know how it feels.

Courage type 2:

This is where I used to live at. This is the place where courage seems real to us but it’s nothing but a mirage in our mind. This is the place where we think we are strong and resilience to traumas and many times we are in fact strong and we can feel our resilience power, but it has nothing to do with true courage. People on this group forget about their inner child all together. They get highly connected to their higher self who gives them the power to feel strong and resilience, but they leave that inner child feel unheard and helpless.

I still get tears when I right about the time when my inner child was ignored by me.

The people with this type of courage are very unfamiliar with self-love, and often they let other people hurt them, take advantage of them, and abuse them while they stay quiet and strong through the pain of being hurt from people around. My dear reader today I don’t call that strength, I call that lack of self-awareness, and lack of self-love.

When we avoid our inner child and we lose the connection with her, we don’t find our boundaries and we don’t even try to search for it. We feel courageous and strong because we are strongly living through hell, but we don’t realize that real courage means ultimate inner happiness, self-respect, set boundaries and self-love.

People in this category of illusional courage often struggle with low level of self-confidence and with the wrong believe of their incapability to achieve success, they often make some right and mostly wrong decisions based solely on wrong emotions, which leads them to immediate failure or short-term success. At times they become successful in one or two areas of their life, but the success is short term until they start realizing they are left with a missing piece of puzzle, get to work to figure it out and heal. They feel strong and they can get help from their higher self to manage traumas easier, but that missing part of inner child avoidance doesn’t let them heal completely until they start to find it.

At the point when I lost my brother, I felt the rise of my resilience power which helped me overcome the shock easier, but since it wasn’t paired with true courage my true healing didn’t take place until my life transformation journey began. Yes, I had the resilience power, and I was aware of my actions, my thoughts, and people around me, but the low level of self-love and self-confidence led me to think letting others treat me wrong was a part of life (which made my grief time harder to handle), but as soon as I realized the missing part of my puzzle I went after self-awareness and self-love, and I started to connect to my inner child which brought me to my current level of happiness.

This is where courage is different than resilience, and this is when resilience on its own doesn’t define courage.

When you think of resilience, which person comes to mind? Can you explain why you chose that person?

When I think of resilience, I picture so many people who showed me this real magical power, however; the first names that comes to my mind when I think of resilience is the name of both my parents.

The amount of love they have always offered to me and my brother has been out of this world, and the amount of connection and joy between the four of us has always been the biggest part of our life.

Losing a child is definitely not easy for any parent to experience but the power of resilience I have personally witnessed from both my parents at the hospital when my brother passed away and ever since, is a priceless gem of life lesson which I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else in this world.

Knowing my parents and the amount of connection they had with my brother left me in shock when I saw them both handling that life changing situation in the most amazing way.

At the worst time of their life when they stood by the lifeless body of their son, all they were trying to do was to make sure other loved ones were ok.

We always had a strong bond between us, but that one day created an unbreakable bond of love between the three of us which showed us the true meaning of resilience, awareness, and care even at the hardest time.

If someone asked me “what would your mom do if her son passed away” before it actually happened, I would reply “at the best scenario she would definitely faint for days”, but not only she did not faint, she also stood stronger than ever before to keep the root of family strong and healthy.

Has there ever been a time that someone told you something was impossible, but you did it anyway? Can you share the story with us?

Many people tried to convince me that the dream ultimate happiness I always wanted to achieve was nothing but an unrealistic dream. But here I am living that ultimate dream happiness in the real world.

When I started my spiritual and life transformation journey at the lower than rock bottom time of my life, something at the bottom of my heart was telling me that my life was about to change, and that feeling got me super dedicated to never give-up until I achieved my ultimate happiness.

My life transformation journey began and out of excitement I decided to start a blog to offer my life transformation journey steps, as a one year challenge, so that I could help people begin their journey by my side, to share our success stories together and motivate each other. I was 100% sure that those methods would change my life forever, and this level of trust gave me the ability to even plan further in my life. Suddenly my main goal was set for me to become a licensed “life/spiritual coach” after I transformed my life successfully, to help others change their lives the same way as I did.

In between this massive change of my life after I lost my brother, beside so many naysayers in my life at the time, there was one person who was very close to me back then. As soon as he saw the change in my mindset, he started to become so disappointed from the change I encountered. He realized unlike before, I am growing to love myself, and respect my boundaries. I was no longer that Shadi who would let people take advantage of, I was becoming the queen of my own world. For the first time in my life, I had a goal of my own to work towards, and obviously some people in my life could not accept that change within me.

Often times when we decide to create that one massive life transformation in our life, the people in our life who offered fake love up to that point, would hate the idea of seeing the positive change within us, but believe me the people with true love will support and love your positive change. For this reason, this life transformation journey is a great time to filter your love circle.

Back to my story, that one human who got filtered out of my love circle did not want me to get into this path of life transformation to start a blog, and finally to become a licensed life coach.

Slowly he started to kill my self-confidence by telling me how unworthy and uncappable I was. He started talking everywhere about how Shadi is not able to complete a job on her own, and how uncappable and powerless she is without the help of others.

We had massive fights over the fact that I was certain about starting a blog. He was successful to stop me from creating that blog, but he was definitely not successful to stop me from my life transformation journey. My dedication to this transformation made me stay strong until the wheel of my manifestation forced this one person along with many other fake people to walk out of my life by their own feet.

The words I heard from those people when I just began my Magical life transformation journey were as follow:

  • Shadi you cannot do what you wish to do. Because what you wish for only exists in movies.
  • You live in a La La land.
  • The happiness you are looking for does not exist.
  • The dream man you are talking about only exists in the movies.
  • You cannot want everything a the same time.
  • You are never happy with what you have in life.
  • You cannot do this…

I stood strong on my path, and here I am today:

  • I achieved my dream life and I did what I wished for
  • The La la land they described turned out to exist in reality in this physical world
  • The ultimate happiness I was looking for does exist and it feels amazing
  • The dream man I was talking about did exist after all and one of them is now my husband
  • I could and I got everything at the same time, true love, wealth, health, joy, success…
  • I am extremely happy with my happy life right now.
  • I could and I did it…

Did you have a time in your life where you had one of your greatest setbacks, but you bounced back from it stronger than ever? Can you share that story with us?

I have had several life experiences where I went through great setbacks and I bounced back from them stronger than ever before, but since I have already shared my life transformation journey with you I will be sharing the biggest setback of my life in here with you which is regarding my business and financial life.

In the middle of that nine months of my magical life transformation mission, I went through a massive life change. An unhealthy relationship walked out of my life, and since my business and my life was involved with that relationship, with the end of that chapter my house my career my income and everything I had was swiped out of my life.

I was basically left with zero plus a leased car under my name with a very high monthly payment which was being paid out of my line of credits.

Soon after that chapter ended, my line of credit was used to the last penny and I went lower than minus on my financial area, but I always knew that reset needed to happen in every area of my life so that I could achieve the dream life I always wanted to have. It was one of those bitter-sweet moments which felt bitter because of the financial pressure, but sweet because of the trust I had towards the universe and the transformation which I knew it was taking me towards.

At that point I was already a licensed life coach but unable to start a business for two reasons,

One because of my financial situation, and even when I was able to partner up with someone the second reason didn’t allow me to do it and that was the peak of Covid-19 and lockdown.

At that lowest time of my life when I was left with a high amount of debt without any income, with the smile of ultimate trust to the universe I continued my manifestation rituals and methods until the wheel of fortune started to turn in my favor like always. Before I know it an impossible happened when the dealership of that expensive leased car called me and asked me to take the car back to them one year prior to the end of my lease term without any penalties, so they can resell it. Because apparently due to the pandemics the demand of used cars went extremely high, so they took back that car from me no questions asked.

As I continued with my magical manifestation day to day practices, very soon after with the help of my husband we paid off my debts and in the most magical way my coaching business picked up quickly and it became more and more successful every single day.

I used all the tools I had to do daily, weekly, and monthly manifestations to attract the clients who can take the best results out of my services in the best possible way, and that is exactly the types of clients I keep attracting. I began to make my online course and I manifested the most amazing team to help me in the most magical way, and guess what? I found the amazing team I manifested for. Last but not least, I wrote my very first book which was by the way one of my biggest dreams, and I attracted the best team of editors who are now helping me to get the book ready for publishing.

My world of career, financial, and stability collapsed, and I stood back up stronger than ever before making the money I always wanted to make by doing what I always wanted to do in life.

How have you cultivated resilience throughout your life? Did you have any experiences growing up that have contributed to building your resiliency? Can you share a story?

As a part of my personality, as long as I remember I always found the resources within me to overcome difficult times. Of course, the more I got to know myself the better I learned how to use this power in more effective ways, however; what I know for sure is that this power of resilience is rooted from two sources in my life.

  1. I was born and I lived my first several years of life in Iran in the middle of war between Iran and Iraq. As a child the fear of war and sound of red alerts was terrifying to me and still the thought of it gives me chills. The resilience power I have witnessed from my parents to protect us and each other during the war, is defiantly the main source of the awakening of this magical power within me.

As a child the fear of the chance of losing my father every single day when he left for work was heart breaking and the art of giving myself hope throughout the day until my father gets back home from work even as a child made my roots of resilience stronger.

At the hard times like a war, we are only left with two options, one is to give-up and the other one is to stay strong for ourselves and our family. My parents thought me the importance of making the right choice to stay strong, accept the circumstances, and to try everything in my power to make the situation as good as I possibly can. Even as a child I figured we all have the power to be resilience at the hardest times, we just need to find the power within ourselves and nourish it.

2. The second root of resilience in my life story came from the time when we moved to Canada on July 20th /2000. At the age of 15 coming to a new country with no knowledge of English was hard for me. But due to my nature I tried to adapt myself into the society until it came the tragedy of September 11 of 2001. The tragedy alone and the fact that a human would do such terrible things to their own kind was heart breaking to me at that age, let alone the unacceptable bullies I had to put up with due to that tragedy of September 11, just because I came from a Muslim based country was one of the hardest times of my life.

I had a lot of Canadian friends who loved and accepted me the way I was and never let anything effect their thoughts about me, but because I was new to this country and I was trying so hard to learn the culture and become one with the society, the several people who made my day-to-day life hard at school just because of the country I came from made my life very difficult for a while.

But once more, this experience showed me how to stay strong and prove to the world that I can be the woman that I am today regardless of what some people might think of me. That experience also did not break me, but it did make me stronger.

I have a saying which I use for all my clients, (As long as you do the right thing at the right time while you consider your benefits as much as you consider other people’s benefits, you are not responsible for bad karma, therefore you must love who you are regardless of what other people think of you.)

I have so many other reasons which contributed to my strong resilience power, but I am sure these two were the biggest of all.

Resilience is like a muscle that can be strengthened. In your opinion, what are 5 steps that someone can take to become more resilient? Please share a story or an example for each.

As we mentioned earlier resilience alone can be a great start to help us get over our pain, but resilience alongside with courage and trust to a greater power can work like magic. The following steps are the five steps I personally took which has improved my resilience power as well as my life transformation journey.

  1. The first thing which helped me overcome my dark period of life was self-awareness (It sounds simple, but it’s super magical).

My self-awareness journey was the path which showed me who I truly was and gave me the opportunity to get to know the true Shadi. It gave me the power to find my life boundaries and learn how much I deserve happiness. I soon learned how to live in the present moment and despite all the negative events which was happening around me I learned to find myself and my true happiness in the present moment through a simple practice of counting my current blessings.

Counting my current moment blessings guided me to find that true version of me who was lost within all the craziness of the world around me. Counting my blessings daily worked as if I cleared away the dust and dirt from the mirror Infront of me to see my true face inside it.

2. The second step after finding myself and living in the present moment, became my inner connection to the power of the universe.

Very soon after finding my true self and enjoying my present moment, I realized my similarities with other successful and happy people. We were all human-kind, and after all if they could find a power within themselves to walk out of difficulties with joy to simply design their desired future at them same time, why couldn’t I be one of them?

I came to the conclusion that we all deserve to live happy and enjoy the beauty of this physical life. So, I became fully dedicated on one thing and one thing only. Finding my inner connection to the power of the universe.

I started from baby steps, I took my journal and started manifesting one small thing in my life. I still remember, there was a gathering which I didn’t like to attend but due to some personal reasons I had to attend it. I started manifesting for a happy event which is in everyone’s favor but something which can cancel my obligation to attend to that event.

To cut the story short, it did happen immediately, and I didn’t go to that event which got canceled for happy reasons.

Soon after that my journaling became a habit, and I started to aim on bigger goals. I started to feel one with the world, I remember I even started talking to the sky, the nature, mother earth and the trees.

I truly felt one with this magical world, and until this moment I see the world around me, the trees, the nature and every single part of this world in a magical way which is connected to me. The only way I can describe it comparing to my world view prior to my life transformation is that, the old version of me used to live in a black and white world and the new version of me can see a colourful magical and heavenly world even by looking at a plant.

3. My manifestation and inner power journey began

The connection I felt to the universe and the result I witnessed from that connection got me so excited and gave me warm feeling of trust to the higher power.

As soon as I started my journey all that I needed to help me grow and become one with the power of the universe found their way to me and guided me into becoming the internally happy and successful woman that I am today. As they always say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I got introduced to so many super magical rituals, methods, meditations, and life changing tools. To make them into a combination of treasure which can fit in my journey and lifestyle, I combined them with all that I already learned in the past and I created a super magical treasure which lead me to the manifestation magnet that I am today.

The number of rituals and methods I have would take hundreds of pages for me to write, but no worries soon I will tell you how to gain access to all these magical tools and methods, but for now I will introduce you to my very first practice which I call my magic wand. It is my daily journaling which is now as important as my daily meals in my life.

4. The magic of my daily journaling method

Even though I have many different rituals to manifest my dream life, and I will soon share with you how to gain access to all of them, but I can confidently say one of the most important parts of my journey was and still is my daily journaling method.

I cannot emphasize enough about the importance of daily journaling.

There are 2 requirements for this journaling method:

  1. Consistency (it has to be done every day)
  2. Trust (You need to keep repeating to yourself that this will work, because it will. The more you trust it the more magical it will be)

* Follow these steps and see the magic for yourself:

– Before anything get yourself a notebook or a journal which you love to look at. Find the one journal which gives you a good feeling and take it home with you.

– Every single day (doesn’t matter what time of the day) start a page by writing five things you are grateful for. When we go towards manifestation and inner peace the best way to open the gates wide open is to enter the magical universal world using our blessings. Doesn’t matter how hard our life can be, we always have something to be grateful for. When I lost my brother while I was dealing with a world of negativity and darkness, I still had my own health to be grateful for. The oxygen I breath, the health of my loved ones who are alive and healthy, the ability to write with my hands and so many other blessings which may seem small but losing one of them can change our life for ever.

So, start your page by writing at least five blessings.

– After you are done with the blessing counts, you are going to start writing your desired dream life. The life you like to be living the next year or 2 years ahead. The key to this part is to write it all as if they already happened. Imagine as if you have achieved your dream life, and someone is asking you to describe your feelings in detail about living a day of your dream life.

For example:

My journal 2 years ago when I was struggling in a wrong relationship, was a description of living with a man who loves me truly. A man who supports me in every way, and loves and accepts me the way I am. I wrote every sentence as if that man existed in my life.


I am living as the happiest version of myself. I happily got over the loss of my brother and I accept his departure with every cell of my body. My partner loves and respects me the way I am. Not only he is loving and caring but he is also faithful and honest to his bones. He lets me use his phone freely without hiding anything from me. We wake up at 6:00 am, we have green smoothie for breakfast while we listen to our favourite song. I am today a happy, successful and joyful life coach who is able to help thousands of women achieve their ultimate happiness. I wrote my first book and…

This was a sample of a part of my journal 2 years ago, and guess what? I am living that exact life with that exact type of husband 2 years later. I met my husband 4 months after I started writing daily about my ideal husband, and somehow magically I feel more in peace than ever with the loss of my brother. We even wake up every morning at 6:00am and our everyday breakfast is green smoothie while we listen to our favourite song. And last but not least, I did write my first book.

Ever since I saw the magic of journaling, it has been my daily habit and I have achieved all that I’ve ever asked for in my journals.

I cannot emphasize enough on the power of pen on paper if it’s used to write properly and consistently. You can design your day-to-day life using this method without a question asked. It is as magical as holding a magic wand 24/7 of your life.

This was one of my golden step stones to climb out of my darkest rock bottom into my ultimately happy dream life, If I could do it you could 100% do it.

5. Burn out the brain dump ritual

One of the most important habits you need to practice in life is the habit of consistency, because without this beautiful habit nothing in life can work like magic.

Since our mind can trick us into being down and out of alignment to commit to our good habits, the best way I can recommend to you for emptying the negative thoughts out of your mind is the method of burn out of brain dump ritual.

This ritual has been the biggest part of my life in my hardest times.

Before you begin this ritual, you will have to cleanse your palms with salt and water.

  • Hold a hand full of salt in between your palms, scrub your hands together and rinse the salt off under running water.
  • Next take a piece of paper and write down every negative though you are holding in your mind. Right down in detail (Example: The fact that I cannot see my brother anymore, the financial pressure is making me miserable, the argument I had with my partner is really occupying my mind…).
  • Fold the paper, hold the folded paper in between your palms and ask the universe to take away the negative mind and replace it with positive solutions and thoughts. (Ask as if a universe is a human listening to your words)

Example: Dear universe please take away all the negative pressure written in this paper away from my life and replace them with you light, your acceptance, your joy and your energy within my heart.

  • Now comes the fun part. Burn the paper in a safe setting (preferable in nature, and give the ashes back to the nature to the ground, soil, or water).

This ritual will give your mind immediate relief and it will give you the opportunity to write your journal with a calm and clear mind.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

If I could inspire a movement, before anything I would build a proper system to start self-awareness education with our little ones from their early age in schools. I wish to create self-love, boundary setting, self-respect, self and human awareness, yoga and meditation education system in schools for children which can help the next generation grow up connected to their true self and their true inner power.

And secondly, I would inspire a movement to create huge campaigns around the world to tell and teach more and more people (specially women) the fact that this world is created for us to enjoy every second of our life on it, and to make them aware of their inner power which can help them live ultimately happy. Because after all at our lowest and darkest time there is only one unique power available to all of us that can give us the power of resilience, the light of hope and help us transform our life.

I have seen the magic, and if I had a way to get these methods out in the world I would definitely do it.

The only thing that’s in my power to get my word to more people in the world, is the online workshop I am launching on July 2nd 2022 which comes with lifetime access to all the magical rituals, methods and habits which I personally use to create the magic in my life as well as countless other people. (continue reading for more information)

We are blessed that some very prominent leaders read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we tag them 🙂

The one person who’s strong presence gave me the boost to become the woman that I am today is Oprah Gail Winfrey.

Her words helped me throughout my journey more than I can ever imagine, but the main reason I always feel so close to her in my heart is the one time I had a dream of her, a life changing dream when I was at my lowest and darkest time. That dream led me to buy her book (what I know for sure) and that dream made me feel like my soul was connected to hers. Ever since that beautiful dream, her name is on every page of my manifestation journal. This interview could be the answer to my manifestations if she sees it, and if she does, the one word I can truly tell her is “I Love You”.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

I would love to connect with more and more people who are interested to transform their lives. I am mostly personally active and present on Instagram “@Shadihappylife”, however; if our beautiful readers are interested to become one step closer to me and get my help to begin their magical life transformation journey by following my unique golden steps towards their ultimate happiness, other than becoming Instagram friends I am sure my “DIY Happy Life Workshop” will be where they belong to.

This magical workshop is an online treasure filled with all my secrets, magical tools, methods, rituals, and habits plus monthly updates of full-moon/new-moon rituals for lifetime, and a private Facebook group for one-on-one support from me forever.

Some people might ask “Shadi, how do you know your methods would work for me?”

My methods would work for any human with any religion and any believe from any gender and kind on this planet. Not because I am perfect, but because the power I am familiar to awaken within human beings, is the power we all have access to. I have been blessed to access this treasure and I am sharing it with people who need to hear it from me.

I totally understand some methods might not work for some people while they work for others, but the methods I work with are designed to connect the energy frequencies of any human being to the new energy frequencies of the world. As we mentioned earlier our world has shifted from the start of 2019, and the energies are no longer the same. “DIY your happy life” is the only workshop designed to magically align the energies of every human on this planet to the new energy frequencies of this world by its guaranteed methods, rituals, tools, and secrets.

I made this platform, so people don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a coach to be by their side. This platform is the full-time coach for the life-time of its members which guarantees their magical life transformation.

This workshop will be launched for presale on May 02, 2022, for a limited time with an amazingly low price, and it will be fully launched on July 02, 2022.

If you like to stay tuned about the news of the launch dates, follow me on Instagram @shadihappylife.

I cannot wait to see my new friends.

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!


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