Amid the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people struggled to find alternative sources of income as they lost their jobs and businesses. Through these uncertain times, SHAiR has risen to the challenge and provided people with new ways to earn extra income by utilizing an asset that many people have but few use to their maximum potential—cars. 

SHAiR is the tech company behind the newest car-sharing app that, in addition to helping people supplement their incomes, provides people without cars with a safer and more convenient way to get around.

The innovation comes through the efforts of entrepreneur Greg Martel, a seasoned executive who started in the finance sector. In 2009, he created his own brokerage franchise. Later, he would become the CEO and founder of Zilla Mortgage, an online mortgage specialist service based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

In all he does, Greg has been driven by the desire to educate people on financial literacy and teach them how to manage and grow their resources. Today, Martel continues his mission of providing financial guidance to people through his latest venture, SHAiR, which provides an income-generating opportunity for people with cars. 

While car-sharing platforms are nothing new, SHAiR takes vendor support to the next level by providing car owners with more than just a platform to book clients. Through the company’s programs, hosts also get access to various financial education programs that help them manage their finances better. This helps hosts better operate as independent contractors and small business owners. 

Managing a small business can be more complicated than managing a salary due to the costs, liabilities, and other factors involved. SHAiR helps people make this transition from employee to entrepreneur through their platform by providing them with a user-friendly dashboard on their app, 24/7 support from their concierge team, comprehensive coverage of their assets, tracking and security devices for their vehicles, and the opportunity to scale their business from a single car to an entire fleet.

Greg Martel’s vision in growing and scaling SHAiR is to create a community of people who can leverage technology to establish financial freedom and sustainability. SHAiR will expand to new markets and enter new areas in the coming years, giving more people in Canada and beyond a chance to benefit from the sharing economy.

Learn more about SHAiR by visiting its website.