Shame runs DEEP in us human beings.

We grow up with it everywhere. It’s IN us, at a cellular level, and it’s an illusive & silent killer.

From being shamed for our bodies & our sexuality by systems and structures whose sole purpose it is to hold false reigns of power, to personally holding things deep within ourselves from our past and our tender earlier years that we don’t want others to know about us.

At the time these instances occurred they might have seemed really awful & shattering – and rightly so – but we keep them in and suppress them, deep in our cells, as this debilitating wound of shame.

It challenges our WORTHINESS TO LIVE, at the deepest core part of our beings and effects our realities on all levels.

But what will it take for us to unpack and break up some of this shame?

First of all it takes a willingness and a huge amount of self honesty and courage, to find the places that reside in us that are so excruciatingly uncomfortable, and then seek someone we deeply love and trust to share it with.

Once we can speak it, it loses its grip and power over us, and we can realize for ourselves that most of the time, it’s not even that bad, especially considering the incomprehensible & monumental scheme of this life experience.

Hell, maybe it is and was pretty bad too, granted. Even deeply traumatic, hurtful, embarrassing, cringeworthy – You name it. This life experience can be horrendously tough, in SO many unique ways…

FACT – Most of the shame we carry – the stories, the old knocks and bumps, old experiences and wounds from another time and place when WE DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER – we don’t need to carry, and we can alleviate this dense inner weight if we can just allow someone to witness us IN IT.

In all our messiness.

In all our imperfection.

In all our not good enough bullshit.

We just need to uproot it, and get it OUT.

What are some events or things in your life that if you had a magic wand, you would simply wave and make it disappear forever?

What is in your life, buried deep in that psyche, that you most fear people would ever find out about you?


Stalk it.

Find it.

Be real with yourself.

If you have a sense or knowing and you can’t find it in yourself to share it, or it’s not the time, simply hold the intention of the possibility that one day you might be able to share it with someone you love and trust, and allow them to see you in it, and release the burden you don’t need to carry.

Come what may.

The potential depth of our healing in this way is phenomenal. The structures we have in place to lock our stories and wounds where no one will ever find them are rigid, complex and so energetically exhaustive. It’s why a lot of the time we don’t consciously realize we are carrying them, they are locked DOWN.

It’s all very good to leave things in the past and move on with our lives, that CAN be the healthiest thing, but so much of the time there are still unresolved energies around certain events and experiences in our lives that need to be revisited, felt, worked through and integrated, so that we aren’t using up our precious life force repressing in this way.

The potential softening of these rigid and defended edges can instantly & tangibly be felt in the fields of our lives, as they reverberate from the deepest parts of our beings, out into our most intimate relationships and beyond. It is a truly magical experience to be able to have the courage and radical self honesty that comes with such a process.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

BIG chance it’s not as bad as your mind has made it out to be.

BIG chance…

Flip that anyway – What’s the BEST thing that WILL happen?

For starters, you’ll be freeing up an untapped reserve of raw power that has been so consumed by holding this toxicity down.

Our old conditioning will tell us that any offering of shame will make us even more unworthy, weak or less than to the other. It actually has the opposite effect, of allowing people IN to our lives at a deeper level, past our defence systems and into where we want people to be sitting closer to – Our hearts.

The power of this is phenomenal to say the very least.

Thats just the very start. You never know where this deep unravelling and knock on effect will lead in the quantum field until you’ve tried it in your own reality.


Being able to LAUGH at ourselves and our stories wholeheartedly, and the ridiculousness of this planetary trip is one of the most empowering and deeply healing things we can do for ourselves and those around us.

This is one of humanities greatest wounds. But these wounds are not ours to carry anymore.

We now have the tools.

We are the shifting point.

We are the change makers.

We have the capacity to heal and transcend what generations before us simply could not access.

For our own selves, our ancestors before us and all those to come…

SHARE SOME SHAME – Circuit break this age old pattern that’s hard wired into human beings. Find your way to weed out this crippling, debilitating state of being, and tap the expansion and freedom that lays within this, our shared collective wound of shame.


“Search out the catacombs of your own mind and heart, seek out the dark places in yourself where shame resides and remove it…” – The Magdalene Manuscripts