Shane Mulgrew is a peak performance and business coach for entrepreneurs, he promises guaranteed results to scale businesses to 7-figures through his strategically proven methods.

He came from humble beginnings and proceeded to amass wealth and mental stability through his methods that are directed for 10x performance in life. He started as a fitness trainer and then transitioned into online business & performance coaching. He did so because he wanted more for himself, his future and felt he had more to offer, so he dived into personal development and mentorships and was able to harness optimum levels of energy through the combination of physical, mental, and financial soundness.

According to Shane, the domino effect and personal growth are two extremes of life events. However, when every step in your life is calculated, both of these factors combine to create the perfect life balance. Let’s enlighten ourselves with deeper insights into this topic by Shane –

What Is The Domino Effect?

The Domino effect is what offsets either bad or good habits in your life. If you are not commanding your morning with a routine, you will keep following an ineffective path and it will become a continuous habit. While, if one wakes up in the morning, and continues to indulge in healthy life habits it is likely that they will repeat it daily, it will gradually lead to success in life.

Shane believes that individuals are responsible for their success or downfall. The domino effect simply dictates the occurrence of habits, like a chain reaction. He shares, “When you build yourself up and create a strong character, a strong person – mentally, physically & emotionally then that puts you in a great place. ”

As such, if you focus on your personal growth, life events will align and the habits will bring about prosperity in life, family, and business.

The Benefits Of Personal Growth

Neglecting personal development is what slows down the pace of success. If you don’t put effort into improving your life, nobody else can do it for you. Personal development is a lifelong process that has importance in all aspects of life.

Confidence is something that everyone desires. We want to be able to speak to a crowd of thousands without stuttering and being nervous. However, that level of confidence doesn’t muster through procrastination and self-deprecation. You need to adopt good habits, take serious action, and indulge in positive manifestation to achieve that.

Too much stress is an enemy of success. When you burden your body and mind by overthinking, it reduces your productivity levels and affects your work quality. As such, indulging in activities like meditation and having plenty of breaks during work is very crucial to your mental health.

Stress + Rest = Growth (You need to find the right balance of both)

The benefits of personal development are not only limited to these factors. They also help to inculcate self-awareness, laser focus, a sense of direction, and clarity of goals. 

“Having that security within yourself that nothing can get to you, hurt you, or stop you on your tracks is an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling of expansion and peak potential in life, business and relationships.” – Shane Mulgrew