Most people treat life as it comes. Rather than be deliberate or intentional about their actions they tend to swim with the flow. Shanesha Scott, who is a licensed Mindset Life Coach knows however that we don’t really need to go through life taking it as it comes. She believes if you want to be successful you have to make calculated actions.

From being a Makeup Artist to evolving into a Life Coach, Shanesha has always wanted to help others. She enjoys helping clients to develop emotional intelligence and coping with stress. Life can be tough but having someone who can point you towards the right direction can be blissful.

Getting unstuck shouldn’t be so hard and this is why Beauty 4RM Ashes offers a number of pricing plans starting from 27 dollars. Some of the features of working with Shanesha include a Queendom Course designed to help clients unleash their potential, a 30 days till Renewal package for those who want to renew their mind and the 90 Days: New You  signature program.

Shanesha understands that she has a purpose and she is on the right track to attain that. Please visit her website and Instagram page to learn more.