It’s frustrating when you’ve done something one way, but that pattern is no longer working. Is it still possible to succeed in business? Meet Shannon Bain, a coach that helps people understand how to take what’s working, clarify their systems, and learn how to create the right experiences to connect with their audience. 

She jumped into her business with two feet during the pandemic, and less than a year later is managing a growing brand and business she could only dream of 12 months ago.

COVID has challenged so many people and businesses, and people start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of changes they’re going through, but there’s hope. 

Shannon says it’s important to understand there’s more than one component to success. She believes that a trifecta of the right mindset, smart systems, and strategic marketing can make all the difference between lack of movement and increased success.

Her boutique agency, Shannon Bain Digital, (Brisbane, Australia) is all about helping other professionals grow their businesses. With a no-bs approach and a strong focus on performance without losing a personalised touch, she teaches other business owners how to excel while creating growth, even amidst challenges like a pandemic.

“There seemed to be a lack of guidance and clarity for small business owners and independent professionals around marketing and business strategy” she says and knew she could help. Her three-system approach looks at how to make the biggest impact with the time that you have while clarifying purpose, providing huge value and creating an unforgettable experience for your clients. “Of course, visibility is quite the challenge for many owners, so understanding brand awareness and learning to generate leads is an important part of the process, too”.

“Consistent improvement is always the end goal. It can be hard when you worry what others might think or say when you’re so invested in growing your business, but you need to put that aside, even when it’s challenging you. Focus on where you want to be. Know that you’re creating your own limiting beliefs. When you want it bad enough, you’ll push through. It’s hard work, but worth it.

It’s difficult when a new business owner isn’t seeing the growth they’d hoped for, but things take time. While entrepreneurs may feel like their progress isn’t moving ahead quickly, it’s those small steps you take daily that end up compounding into great things”.

When it’s time to move to the next level, and finally see the growth you’ve been hoping for, be sure to visit Shannon Bain’s website to learn more about her offerings in helping entrepreneurs take their business forward. Finally, push through and see the progress you’d been hoping for.