Best-selling Canadian author, parenting expert, celebrity, and Toronto-based entrepreneur, Shantelle Bisson, has announced the release of her much-anticipated second book, the follow up to her highly acclaimed maiden title. Entitled “Parenting Your Teen Without Losing Your Cool,” Bisson’s book provides a more intimate look into the life of the mom of three, and promises to tackle–without bias or sugarcoating–the issues that keep parents up at night. 

According to Bisson, wife of actor Yannick Bisson (star of Hulu/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Murdoch Mysteries), one of the reasons for the book is to provide parents with no-nonsense nuggets of wisdom to help them raise good and kind citizens of the world, all while staying sane and keeping their cool. 

“People who’ve read my first book know how much that was inspired by my many fails, blunders and victories as a super young mom” Bisson shares. “This book takes those lessons that I gleaned navigating parenting my kids, alone, (none of our friends were having kids when we had ours), while also taking into account that today’s teens are up against unprecedented challenges that are entirely different when compared to those of years past. In a sense, it shows how one can take a modern approach into instilling old-fashioned values into their soon-to-be adults in a very realistic way.” 

She adds, “Another point I’d like to emphasize inthis second book is that raising a teen is definitely no walk in the park. Just when you thought you got them figured out, their angst kicks in and they just might start slamming doors in your face. So stop punishing yourself if you’re having a tough time because that’s normal; and remember this has nothing to do with you.” 

Parenting Your Teen Without Losing Your Cool is a heartfelt, sassy, and honest account of the lessons learned by Shantelle’s experience parenting three teens into stable, happy, thriving adults. It sells for 17.95 USD, and will hit all Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Coles, Amazon, and all major retailers starting May 26. You can also pre-order it via Shantelle’s official website.