For women who are in pursuit of body perfection, twice-a-day workouts are increasingly establishing itself as the status quo. You may heard the expression “You can achieve anything if you work hard enough at it.” Whilst this is certainly true in a lot of pursuits, in the gym, too much sweat in regular workout clothes is more likely to leave you exhausted and uninspired. Rather than finding yourself smack in the middle of a physical and mental plateau, consider this up and coming brand from Vancouver that solves all these issues.

Shape Athletics has created a new kind of activewear called Shape Wear Shorts designed specifically to enhance your workouts. Their body sculpting activewear works by activating the core, inner and outer thighs, hips and buttocks which leads to better results on your body from the same workout. How does this happen? Well, instead of being like a waist trainer which unhealthily compresses the body, the Shape Shorts work by stimulating certain muscles, which in turn results in fat loss and toning. The hi-elastic panels are shaped to contour the body and engage the muscles with every movement. The super soft material delivers comfort on any body shape, for any exercise.

The high-waisted design not only helps with maintaining a good posture, but it also keeps the abdomen tight, engaged and enhanced with any movement or workout. If you are looking to wear the Shape Shorts, they cleverly look like black biker shorts from afar. Upon closer inspection, you can see the intricate detail of the panelling that helps to firm and tone the body. The suggested look is to wear them with a sports bra and a t-shirt so the high waist is disguised. However, for many women, they prefer to wear them with just a sports bra as the stomach firming technology holds the stomachs shape by elongating and engaging the core. Be sure to check out Shape Athletics Shape Shorts at