I’ve been told I have superb body flexibility (it’s no coincidence that I bend over backwards for the people who matter) but all that flexibility is such a waste since the strength is clearly questionable. So, what is strength? Strength equates stamina and high levels of energy at most times of the day no matter what the weather. On a deeper level, it equates that top-of-the-world feeling each morning and mostly remaining balanced no matter which direction or at what speed life is hurling lemons at you.

With all the years of procrastinating and some overthinking, there has been one lesson that has emerged clear, before starting something new.

Start, start, start – the perfection and the end goal will evolve with time.
It’s important to just commence.

With two consistent years of yoga which equates to roughly 240 hours of yoga (10 hours a month, I do yoga with a trainer for about 1 hour 15 minutes every Saturday and Sunday at 6 am). I know… I kissed Friday and Saturday nights goodbye around the time I signed up for a teacher who’s a disciplinarian, he abhors excuses, he also hates long-winded stories about which part of my body aches and why I couldn’t get enough sleep the previous night. He’s quite the ringmaster and I oscillate from sometimes playing the lion waiting to be tamed to the eager-to-please seal who balances the ball.

So I started off wanting to get stronger but I ended up learning so much about myself. I started learning about my body, its shape, the little nooks and crannies, the voices, the shrieks and the songs it sings from within. It has created a heightened sense of awareness, on some lucky days I get clarity into who I want to be and who I’m working on becoming.

Here’s my experience of three asanas I love doing, I love how my frame looks (the pictures agree!). I’ve tried to keep it as non-technical as possible and delved more into how I FEEL within versus the physical benefits.

Defying Gravity Pose
When you take some time off in your day to reverse the forward movements of acting, doing, and accomplishing, your body and brain go into a state of pure being. This allows the mind to go into a state of deep meditation. It also calms the brain and makes it more self-aware.

Halasana: Surge of Energy Pose
The brain is flushed with blood, promoting mental clarity and increased vitality. When relaxed in the pose, you’re struck by an overwhelming sensation of calmness. Once you come out of it, you often feel a refreshing surge of energy.

Chakrasana: Bend Over Backwards Pose
It turns your world upside down, literally and figuratively. Seeing the world upside down is always fascinating – which is probably why kids love this one! It strenghtens your arms since they need to hold your entire body weight.

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