In simple terms, speaking about Personal Holistic Wellbeing (PHW) is essentially, speaking about health in all the dimensions of our being. Health used to be considered as a state of absence of disease in the physical body. Things have since changed. Today the World Health Organization (WHO) considers health as a state of satisfactory Wellbeing in both the body and the mind. It is a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. That is a good discovery made, namely, that man is more than flesh and blood.

In contemporary usage, Wellbeing touches on all the dimensions of the human person, including the physical, spiritual, mental and psycho-emotional. All these are critical for consummate and integrated Health and Wellbeing. There is an interwoveness about these dimensions of the human person that interplays with, as well as reinforces each other for our total (holistic) Health and Wellbeing. These foregoing dimensions are also complimented by the social, economic (occupational) and environmental. So our Wellness is about having a more perfect balance in these foregoing dimensions.

It is therefore naturally expected that a good and satisfactory condition of existence is one characterized by health, happiness and prosperity. It should also include fulfillment, sense of progress and relevance. It would take reasonable effort on each person’s side to achieve satisfactory Wellbeing and therefore, Wellness. I have personally discovered that it is a lifetime commitment, with requisite attention paid to all the critical dimensions and action- points. Through practice, studies, experience and interactions, I have identified ten such action- points which I want to share. These are everyday practical tips for improving Wellness. This sharing will come in three parts .In this first part, we shall be dealing with the following: Food and Drink; Work; and then Exercise. Happy sharing!


For both survival and health, FOOD AND DRINK are most critical. They constitute both nourishment and lubrication without which the human body cannot function. They are like fueling your car. They are like recharging. From these food items, in their types, and commensurate quantities and proportions, man is furnished with energy, body building and restorative resources. We need them every day.

While man is a tripartite being constituted of spirit, soul and body, food and drinks address essentially needs of the physical body. All said and done, food and drinks play clear and definite roles in keeping man in health. This purpose is best served when balance is kept among the basic types: carbohydrates, protein, oil and fats, vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients.

In all these, adequate quantity, quality, variety, balance and regularity are important. Someone had advised, “let the colors of the rainbow be our guide in ensuring required variety”. There is therefore the need to eat right and well every day. This is an action- point most requisite and critical for our personal Wellbeing. It is also important to note the advice of some Health experts to the effect that some so called food and drinks should either be moderated or completely avoided. These include alcoholic drinks, tobacco and their likes.


What use is it that a vehicle is serviced and refueled yet not used, not put to work? That would be a waste of resources that can find better use elsewhere! By the same token of logic, what use is it to have someone well and fully fed with food and drink and he (she) just does nothing, but louses about?

For all well adjusted persons, work is a fulfilling and required part of life. Work makes demand on all the three dimensions of our being. As this happens it has positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Man is at his or her best when there are actions, work, and pursuits with the aim to achieve and conquer. Targets and milestones reached bring refreshing and fulfillment all of which contribute to man’s Wellbeing and happiness.

As man works, it is important that he(she) experiences both successes and failures. Successes are intrinsic boosters. Failures are master teachers. Each failure is indicative that certain things were not done right. Reflecting over such matters, the human mind is able to redesign fresh paths for action. As these happen continually, they grow the human person in totality.

Both overwork and underwork could create serious health challenges. Spirit, Soul and Body man is at his or her best when he or she fires adequately and sufficiently on all cylinders. That too is a recipe for Wellbeing. Given that effective work is also critical for personal Wellbeing, don’t you think that each of us should give it our best? For this to be, consider with me if any of these would be out of place:

· Hardwork

· Competence

· Diligence

· Requisite Skills

· Appropriate Knowledge

· Appropriate Training and Re-training

· Proficiency and Efficiency

· Commensurate Attitude

· Commitment

· Etc

With the foregoing, it will be possible to deliver a quality full day’s work in expectation of a commensurate full day’s pay. Working well and earning well are critical for Wellness and Wellbeing.


Work and exercise are related, to the extent that they involve expenditure of energy and physical activities. However, they contribute and serve our Wellbeing in different ways, and their results impinge differently. While work drains us spiritually, physically and mentally as we labour towards reaching targets and goals that will add value, physical exercise tone us up for better health and better performance. They send tonics of different kinds to our spirits, minds and bodies.

Those who have included regular exercise and workouts as part of their lifestyle sleep better, tire out less easily, experience alertness and clarity of thought etc. Therefore, exercise remains an important booster to personal Wellbeing. Yes, while we could speak of mental, physical and spiritual exercises, our interest in this piece has deliberately been limited to physical exercise.

We have been dealing with FOOD and DRINK; Work; and Exercise, as very critical ACTION-POINTS for our Personal Holistic Wellbeing (PHW).These work in conjunction with some others which we shall be sharing in the next piece (Part 2).The essence of this sharing is to encourage you to try them out, if you have not, and to improve upon them if they are already part of your lifestyle. This way, your Wellness status is likely to improve. In the next piece (Part 2) we shall be dealing with Rest and Sleep; Relaxation and Entertainment; Reading and Studying; and Healthy and Enduring Relationships. Please, keep a date with us. Keep well and remain healthy!

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