This is the last piece in this three-part series. Just to reiterate that the action-points we have been sharing on Personal Holistic Wellbeing(PHW) are aimed at helping us to lead a healthy life that is holistic. When that is the case, we perform better, we are happier and fulfilled.Then, it is easier to truly thrive. In this last piece, in this series, we shall as earlier indicated, be focusing on Retreat, Prayer and Meditations; Routine and Maintenance Drugs; and Body Clock Sensitivity and Monitoring. It will be wrapped up with a snippet on my personal experience and practice. Hope you find these useful.


Unless you are a person of Faith, you may never truly and fully appreciate how critical RETREAT, PRAYER and MEDITATIONS (REFLECTIONS) could be in a person’s life, especially for a well integrated Wellbeing.

In its original and ancient usage, a time of retreat is a special period of withdrawal and separation from the normal hustles and bustles of life and work. Typically, it is a time to

· Stop

· Withdraw for a while

· Think through things

· Reflect and Meditate

· Evaluate our Progress

· Review one’s life

· Envision the future

· Renew strength

· Pray and Fast

· Search for new direction

· Honestly unburden our hearts and inner most fears and feelings to and before God (if we believe in Him)

· Reconnect to the intrinsic values that we once held dear

· Recharge

· Take Corrections

· Make Fresh Resolutions

· Etc.

Given all the foregoing, the time of Retreat could bring great refreshing and refocusing that can redirect and reinvigorate our lives and works for better performance, and one that will boost and enhance Wellbeing and well integrated Wellness.


Many times our body systems may not work as they should or used to. Sometimes the tears and wears of life take their toll on our health and Wellbeing. Sometime these become more and more evident as we age. Age and time happen to all humans and mortals.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences ,together with their associated technologies, have developed and offer to us many kinds of routine, maintenance drugs, services, devices and supplements that assist the better functioning of our human body and internal systems.

Depending on our situation, it is wisdom to take advantage of these drugs and supplements, provided we are well advised by our doctors. This approach can enhance our Wellbeing. They can also serve for both vitality and longevity, I think. They can make for deeper assurances that we are doing all we need to do for our Wellbeing. It is an action-point for personal Wellbeing worth your consideration.


A clock or time-piece measures time, the Barometer measures pressure, and the thermometer, temperature. All such devices are quite useful.

Personally, I have realized that there is a body clock in each of us. This is so sensitive and knows the limits beyond which we should not go unless we want to crack. It also indicates points of satiation that is peculiarly yours. This body clock has an alarm system that is triggered off when we reach certain limits, limits beyond which it is dangerous to go. To this, we should do well to respond to. With this, we will possibly avoid many avoidables. We are therefore well advised to give heed to the warning flashes from our body clock.

For instance, as we stretch ourselves in the place of work in pursuit of targets and deadliness, our respective body clock alerts and warns us when we are reaching our breaking point. Being sensitive to and responding in a timely manner, this inner device can save our lives. Will it be asking too much of you, if you are solicited to cultivate this sensitivity?


In sharing these action-points in pursuit of Personal Holistic Wellbeing (PHW), I have drawn immensely from my personal experiences in addition to studies that I have done.

In a typical day, I am up by 5.00 a.m. Next, I do my morning road walk, jogging, at least about 2 to 3 Kilometers, every morning. It could be cycling. All these end with some aerobics and power exercises. Then I take my morning bath. Thereafter, it is time for our family Altar (family prayer). Then I spend another 1 ½ to 2 hours in a time of personal devotion, a time of private prayer, reading and meditating in Scripture (Bible). This sets the tone for and thrust for my day. Breakfast follows, when it is on the cards. Usually, work begins with a Day Plan, incorporating all the scheduled activities and targets for the day.Typically, I end the day with listening to local and International News ,finally retiring at 10 pm.

All the 10 action-points for Wellbeing in this piece are true in my practice and personal experience. They work, believe me! Their benefits, individually and together, are immense and satisfactorily invaluable. So I recommend all and strongly too.

It is my experience that a well exercised and well-rested and looked-after body and soul enjoy an inner serenity, calmness, freshness, confidence, and Wellness that make it easier to take more work, and fruitfully too.Together, they constitute anti- depressants. It also makes our body to work better.

It receives adequate re-invigoration, such that for our inner metabolic activities, as well as the mental, the muscular and the psycho-emotional, we are better enabled to cope and to enjoy the fruits of our labours. That is Wellbeing!!! Is it not?

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