People are in their homes.

People are adapting to new methods of communication, learning and living. All from home.

How can I share my story now?

Maybe your story is traumatic. Maybe your story is painful. Maybe your story and what happened to you changed the course of your life. Maybe it gave you a new perspective on life or business.

But the world is in crisis. Panic and overwhelm are the new normal for many. And yet you wonder if you should share your story now.

Is it time to share your story?

Sharing your story involves opening up and being vulnerable. It involves you sharing the dark and horrible with your people and show HOW you have evolved from that person to who you are today. It is SCARY and there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t do it but here are a few why you should:

  • It is will give people hope
  • It will give people courage
  • It will give people a vision
  • It will give people a reason to try
  • It will motivate people
  • It will inspire people
  • It will show people you can help them

As a business owner, it is your job to serve and help your people! If you sit back and do nothing they will continue to spiral and feel hopelessness, fear and doubt. It is your job to lead and to shine a light on a new path for your people.

As a business owner, your job is to inspire and lead your audience – at all times.

Mandy Halgreen

Think of your story. Did it:

  • motivate you to make a decision?
  • motivate you to make a lasting change?
  • motivate you to help others?
  • motivate you to step up as a leader?

If it did then you need to be sharing your story from the place of leadership and growth. It helped you grow and change so it can do the same for others.

Rise up and share your story!


  • Mandy Halgreen

    Book Writing Mentor for female entrepreneurs

    Mandy is an author and writer from Zimbabwe. She works with female entrepreneurs to write their book and share their story to create impact and income. She enjoys hiking, Zumba and chocolate-binge reading sessions.