Setting an intention each day helps me get quality sleep. I’ve learned that it’s important to not only set the intention, but to also follow through and do the intention. For me, that means setting time each evening to pray and reflect on an accomplishment of the day, or an opportunity I had to lend a helping hand. Reserving this time allows my mind a reprieve from the busyness of the day, and gives my mind, body, and spirit time to settle in for a more restful night’s sleep.

I’ve also learned to utilize the power of my breath, thanks to the seminar “The Power of Breath.” Conscious, slow, deep breathing helps me recharge, especially during stressful moments at work. I’ll admit, this Microstep needs more fine tuning in my life. Some days the time just rolls on and I feel like I’ve been holding my breath. It’s something I’ll continue to be conscious of. Breathing is not only necessary at work, but at home, too. I developed one fun breathing exercise on my own. I was blowing bubbles with my grandson on his birthday. It goes like this: Inhale, hold, blow the bubbles, and while he’s chasing bubbles, I exhale for four counts, hold, and repeat!

If I could go back in time to give well-being advice to my younger self, I’d say this: Learn now that there is power in your breath. Utilize that power, and think before responding or reacting to a stressful situation. Also, don’t burn any bridges because you may just need to go back across that bridge. To prevent burnout, know that it is wiser and more prudent to teach someone how to fish than to keep fishing for them. And finally, take a moment to focus and recenter yourself before leaping.


  • Sharon Batiste

    Patient Access Representative

    Northwell Health

    My name is Sharon E. Batiste and I have worked as a Patient Access Representative for Northwell Health for one year. About 14 months ago my husband and I relocated to Jacksonville, Florida to enjoy his retirement (I’m not quite ready to retire yet) after living in Cleveland, Ohio for 7 years caring for my father. I have over 25 years experience working in the hospital setting ranging from Secretary to Emergency Room Registration, Administrative Assistant to most recently as a Population Health/Financial Coordinator. I also attained a Master’s Degree in Human Services, which afforded me the opportunity to work as a Mental Health Rehab Specialist. During the pandemic I have picked up two fabulous habits: a Sign Language Interpreter course and I began practicing yoga. I am completely enjoying and reaping many benefits from the Thrive Wellness program and am grateful for this opportunity to share.