It was such a great opportunity for me to have SharRon Jamison on #HotTalkWithBlecyn and I must say it was an interesting conversation as well as a thought provoking one. Thanks to Alex Okoroji, the queen of expression and the author of The Naked Truth for making this possible, network is key!  Not only does SharRon has an interesting personality, she is so down to earth and always ready to support, her energy is incredible. I really loved having her on the show regardless of how unfair my network was, but don’t worry; I got every piece of information from the thought provoking and deep conversation covered. Take a moment to read through SharRon’s brief yet powerful bio below and enjoy the rest of the conversation.

Bio: As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, visionary, and life strategist, SharRon Jamison has been teaching principles of love and self-empowerment for more than 25 years. Her career journey has taken her from owning a fitness studio to managing multimillion dollar accounts for an international biotechnology firm. She most recently founded The Jamison Group, a leadership training and development company specializing in personal transformation and relational healing.
SharRon’s popular book, I Can Depend on Me, details her upbringing and chronicles her journey from pain to wholeness. She shares how she discovered her purpose, found her path to personal freedom, and radically transformed her life. She offers guidance on how to find fulfillment and experience success in life and in relationships.
In her latest release, I Have Learned A Few Things, SharRon shares insights and revelations learned from witnessing many journeys of healing and growth. See more about her at

Blecyn George Monsi: A lot of people don’t quite understand the word Purpose @SharRomJamison could you share with us what exactly PURPOSE means #HotTalkWithBlecyn

SharRon Jamison: I believe your purpose is your life’s work, or goal, desire, aim.

Blecyn George Monsi: Does an individual’s “Personal Value” and “Life Purpose” have any commonalities? If YES, how?

SharRon Jamison: It’s hard to do “purpose work” if you don’t value yourself. We must see ourselves as valuable and gifted. IF we don’t see ourselves as valuable, we can’t operate with clarity and courage! Value = meaning. You must know that your value is not dependent on the applause of others either. We are valuable. Purpose requires you to know your worth, live your worth and function as if you are worthy. And, we must not compare our purpose with others. Our gifts are different and important.

BGM: Why should a person identify and establish his/her purpose?

SJ: Identification is not a clear science. We got to use a variety of way; there is no way is the ONLY way. Another way is exposure and by doing different things. People will get a spark that points them. Our purpose is like a compass; it provides direction. When you know what it is, it will guide your life. Purpose will pick everything…friends, goals, careers, connections, etc. Purpose informs and instructs.

BGM: Haven’t defined purpose; do you think it is necessary for individuals to have his/her “Mission Statement”?

SJ: Missions are more about DEMONSTRATION than DECLARATION. It is action. But if writing helps, why not? I don’t think it is so important to define a mission statement; it is important to LIVE a mission. My concern is; Proclamation means nothing without Participation. Purpose is ACTION. And, action looks many ways….. it can look like strategy, skill, support, etc.

BGM: What are those key questions individuals should ask themselves when trying to figure out their “Purpose”?

SJ: What moves me- makes me sad, happy, glad, energized. Purpose also requires education and preparation. When we are in purpose, we will serve with EXCELLENCE!!! Purpose deserves our best! Our skills need to be cultivated and nurtured. When we decide or discover our lives work, we will feel fulfilled and satisfied. Purpose is akin to God. We also may have more than one purpose. We need to know that too. It may be more than one thing. We have a choice. We can count our blessings OR make our blessings count! We can FIND an answer or BE an answer….both ways can be our purpose!

BGM: A lot of people often nag about their environment, could you share with us how environment influence Purpose?

SJ: Our environment can hurt or help. It can help expose our purpose or suffocate our purpose. Our environment can limit… it is hard to think globally if we are trapped in the ghetto. Remember…a ghetto is more about mentality than locality. We need EXPOSURE to help us. It is easier to BE it, if you can SEE it. Without exposure, we do not SEE the possibilities available. Bottom line: Don’t let WHERE you are, limit WHERE you go! GO, Seek, FIND…purpose is waiting ! If you can’t move physically, read books. You have God and Goggle. That can transport you everywhere. Use Google and research. See all that you can see. Then pray because purpose is spiritual, not religious.

BGM: Are there any indicators that tells a person he or she has finally found his/her life Purpose?

SJ: Indication…PEACE..JOY..PASSION. Your soul will feel at “home”. Another indication is effectiveness!! RESULTS matter. Results mean something. If there are no results or no fruit, you may enjoy it, but maybe it is not for you! Purpose=efficacy! Effectiveness and productivity result from purpose. If not you are just busy, but not productive. Another indication that you are in purpose – ability to withstand pain, adversity and struggle. Purpose is not all bliss; it is about building, breaking, bolstering. You won’t always be happy!

BGM: What role does money play in fulfillment of purpose. Can it hinder a person’s purpose?

SJ: If you are looking only for money; that’s not purpose; that profit!! Purpose may not yield money. Purpose is about making a difference, not just dollars. It is about meaning, not just money! If a person is only interested in profits, popularity, perks and privileges, that’s not purpose! You may make money, but it will be a result of working in your purpose.

BGM: Is the “Purpose of living” same thing as “Personal Purpose”? If No, kindly share your insight on the above?

SJ: The personal purpose is consistent with the purpose of living. We are made & designed for a purpose. We were made to honor &fulfill a divine need.

BGM: How does an individual’s belief affect his/her pursuit to identifying his/her Purpose?

SJ: And, you must believe in a higher Power! purpose is too hard without God. You need strength. Purpose requires discernment too. You need it all. Purpose is about following your conscience, not the crowd. It is not a group project.

BGM: Some people might take a step back on their purpose due to Health Challenges/Society backlash, what do you advice?

SJ: Purpose again is not always easy. You may be called to be a change agent or to suffer. Taking care of yourself is important. Purpose will trump that. Purpose will require you be courageous.

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