Before the Thrive Challenge, I was having issues with saving money and taking care of myself. I was spending too much, gaining weight, and feeling tired throughout the day. I learned about the Thrive Challenge from a co-worker, and heard it talked about in our morning meeting. Looking at how much I was spending on food, and how tired I was feeling from what I was eating, I decided that I wanted to better myself physically and financially.   

The first thing I did was find some small things I could change in my daily routine, and used the Thrive app to help me.

I sat down and made a list of meals I could prep at home. I adjusted my sleep schedule to go to bed at a set time every night. I gave myself a budget to spend each week, and decided how much I would put into my savings. I also committed to doing two extra miles of movement throughout the day beyond what I was already doing. And I started bringing a water bottle to work, with fresh lemons put in for added taste.

With my diet, I have added in more fruits and vegetables. 

I’ve eliminated processed food as much as I can. And no more fast food. Using cauliflower rice to make bread has been a huge win. I was hesitant about using only egg whites, thinking it would be too watery and have no flavor – but with all the vegetables added, it’s delicious! And I’ve increased my water consumption, especially early in the morning and at work. I’ve now lost seven pounds!

By not going out all the time, I’m able to save $200 every two weeks. I’m putting it into a savings account to use toward a reward vacation for myself. I’m also working toward running in an upcoming marathon. By setting a sleep schedule, I’ve noticed I wake up more refreshed and not so tired. I definitely don’t drag at work like I used to. And I’ve started reading at night – no phones or TV at least an hour before bed. 

I also have more energy and drive for my family. 

I meet with my mother and father at least two times a month to catch up. I’ve made it a goal for my next Thrive Challenge to make it once a week. I’m super happy and have a newfound drive to do what I want to get done. I’m thankful for what I have and for the time and energy I’ve gained from the Thrive Challenge. And being happier and appreciating things more seems to resonate with everyone else, too.

 The Thrive Challenge has changed my life. It’s helped me be me again. I’m happier and loving life.

— Shawn Fundine, Walmart Supercenter #1654, Baxter, MN; $5K Winner

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