She had a dream, a calling. A calling that started out as an inner whisper but grew louder and louder as time went by.

So she listened. She pursued the call.

The journey was not always an easy one.

At times, it was filled with self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.
Long days pondering what if.
Scrolling down and comparing others journeys.
Days spent thinking that it was not her time. That she wasn’t ready yet.
Long nights when her heart ached and longed for the greatness that she knew she was capable of.

Time spent feeling sad, alone, and frustrated.
Times feeling like no one got her or her dream.
Times where she thought of walking away.

And then there was the time when she decided to see things differently.

She believed in THAT dream.

Her dream was wild.
Her dream was a game changer.
Her dream was life altering.
Her dream would change the world.

So after every fall, she rose up.
When she had doubts, she chose to see things differently.
When there were huge risks, she took the leap.
When things hurt on the inside, she bravely confronted them and healed.

She grew. She expanded. She took everything to the next level.

When things seemed impossible, she made them possible.
When things did not seem in her favor, she made them favorable.
She defied the odds, the naysayers, and the rule followers.
Over and over again.

She broke the rules. Every. Single. Time. And wrote her own.
She kept going. And took jump after jump, and leap after leap.

She was unstoppable.

And still is.

Living her dream.

All because she believed.

In love and light,
Jaclyn Marie
Creator of Living in the Zing