I’ve noticed that friends and people in my circle of acquaintances have been ending friendships and marriages of late, more so than ever before. And not just casual friendships or marriages, but longstanding ones. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. It seems to be happening everywhere. But why? Why is this happening and what does it mean?

It is happening because of what I call a new, enhanced radical separation of energies.

If the Theory of Strings is correct, then everything in the universe–including us–is made up of tiny, vibrating strings that produce ‘sounds.’ Strings vibrate at different energetic frequencies. Some frequencies are higher, some lower. Some sounds–when taken in groupings–lack harmony while others, like Vivaldi’s Gloria in excelsis Deo, are harmonious.

String Theory

Because of a growing awareness in global consciousness on our planet–for example about ecology, moral failures in ecclesiastical systems, and new technological developments that keep outpacing each other like runners in a stadion race–we are more aware than ever about what is actually happening in the world we live in; what suits us and what doesn’t; what feels right and what doesn’t; and the fact that we can be agents of change for the good. We’re also using our intuition and instincts more than ever before and are thus more attune to energy (even if it’s a subconscious process) than ever before.

The radical separation of energies is both: (a) a direct result of a conflict in energy systems; and (b) a natural regrouping of like energies. Base energies–low-level energies that are grossly materialistic–will tend to clump together; whereas higher energies–spiritually oriented–will gravitate toward one another.

The biblical metaphor for this is called the separation of the sheep and the goats. (i)

Sheep vs. Goat

The process I’m describing is natural; energetic; and free flowing. Separation happens, we could say, ontologically.

Why do we separate?

We separate from someone when there is no more common ground; when those (artificial) concepts that once held us together have lost their meaning; and when what the person values doesn’t match what we value.

A funny Internet image pictured a sheep speaking with a goat. The sheep’s bubble caption said, ‘I feed the hungry’ and the goat’s, ‘Whatever.’ If our values include compassion, empathy and care for the vulnerable then we are ‘sheep.’ Indifference and/or opposite values are associated with ‘goats,’ it would seem.

In a literal sense, sheep and goats are not herded together; they’re kept separate, and for good reasons. (ii) Sheep and goats are two different species with different food needs, temperaments and characteristics.

The Photon Belt and Super-Consciousness

It is no coincidence that we are experiencing increased awareness in consciousness globally since our planet is moving through a photon belt.

In ‘The Photon Belt, The Coming of a New Age,’ the author states, ‘The transition into super-consciousness, [also called] the second Coming of Christ, is to occur at the precise moment of suspension of movement between expansion and contradiction, going parallel with the entry into the radiation of the photon belt. (iii) Moving through this photon belt, whose energy is etheric and spiritual, will also affect us on a physical level. (iv)

We are living in a time of enhanced, radical separation of energies caused by heightened awareness and and elevated global consciousness. Knowing this can help us understand the why of separation, comfort us when it happens, and help us become agents of change for the good.


i Matthew 25:31-46.

ii ‘the two species often [are] separated because sheep and goats have different needs. In particular, sheep are highly sensitive to copper, so some goat-feeds and minerals cannot be consumed by sheep.

Sheep and goats also have different fighting-styles. When two goats fight, especially male goats (bucks), they will tend to stand on their hind legs and come down and butt heads. Sheep (rams) simply back up and ram each other’s heads straight on. If a sheep and goat fight, the sheep will often win because it hits the goat while the goat is still posturing. A sheep can really damage a male goat’s hip if it rams it.’ Quora, Why do shepherds separate sheep and goats, accessed online 2 December, 2018.

iii Source: Burlington News, ‘The Photon Belt, The Coming of A New Age,’ accessed online 2 December, 2018. [My emphasis.]

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