The Thrive Challenge is returning to Muskegon County! Committing to building healthy habits is more important than ever, so Thrive Global is making it easier for you to improve your overall well-being in a time when it matters most.  The Thrive Challenge in Muskegon County runs from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, and you can win up to $15,000! Download the app here to start making better choices today and win big!

My first goal with Thrive was to lose some weight. I have Lupus and my medications make me hungry. So, I ate and started gaining weight. But I knew I had to start eating the right things. I like a good challenge and I liked the different categories — food, fit, money and family. I used to eat a lot of quick meals and fast food. I changed my diet to more salads and just that helped tremendously. I am preparing my meals for the week, cooking more at home and I’ve stopped frying my foods. People will tell you if you eat bad, you’ll feel bad. I always thought that was a myth but now I know it’s true. After changing my diet, I was surprised how good and energetic I feel. Thrive helps me manage my Lupus and keep my blood pressure down, too.

• Instead of cookies, I snack on crackers and nuts.
• I’m saving $50 a week with meal prep alone.
• Eating right and exercising keeps my Lupus flares down.
• After just my first 21-day Thrive Challenge, I’d lost 9 pounds.

I started riding my bike from my mom’s house to work and doing a bunch of walking. All my better choices kind of go together. I also wanted to see if I could save some money. I know I’m saving money on gas not going out to eat at lunch. I was spending probably $70 a week eating out for lunch, versus maybe $20 in groceries. I stick to my list when I go grocery shopping. I’ve saved over $200 during my first Thrive. I’m working on finding ways to make more time for my family. Making all these different changes has me feeling good inside. I’ve never paid attention to wellness programs until I started reading the Thrive stories and seeing people trying to accomplish the same things I am. I’ll tell people, try Thrive — it’ll have a big impact. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.