Bullying has become an epidemic in our society today, from school shootings to mental torture the issue has gotten out of hand. According to the American SPCC, 160,000 kids per day skip school for fear of being bullied all because they are perceived as different from their peers. The remnants of bullying can either cripple us over time or cause us to gain control of our power soaring us to great heights as is the case with 19-year-old award winning Los Angeles based actress Karlisha Hurley from Australia. I recently had the honor of speaking with Karlisha about her traumatic bullying experience and how she chose to make great strides in bringing healing to the world and this is what Karlisha wanted readers to know.

Me: What was life like growing up as a child in Australia? What were the dynamics in the home?

Karlisha: I grew up in a home with my older sister where our parents expressed the best love they knew how. I had a passion for film, which is how I got into acting. I would watch films with my friend and we would go outside and act out the characters of the movie.

Me: Were there any dynamics going on in the household that made you feel lack of love or self worth?

Karlisha: It was less the household and more of the school environment, which shaded my world. Bullying started at a young age and heavily affected me at the age of 11. It was less physical and more emotional; manipulative behavior that made me feel as low as I could possibly feel. My attackers would say things like, “You are worthless, you are nothing, you are never going to become anything, nobody likes you, and you don’t have any friends.”

Me: Why do you think they were saying these things to you? Was it the way you dressed or looked? Why you?

Karlisha: I really believe that school is horrible for anyone who is the least bit different. It was the way I behaved, I had to grow up very fast in my house, my Mom became a single parent when I was around eight years old and she worked very hard to keep a roof over our head, so that put a lot on my sister and I, we had to help out a lot and this gave me more of an adult mindset. I wasn’t into the gossip, clicks, or fashion. So I was picked out because of that, bullies belittled me because I wouldn’t act like them. I was weird to most people, I was a creative loner who said what was on my mind and I thought that was acceptable, but clearly it wasn’t. I enjoyed being alone in my own space and didn’t feel the need to be a part of someone’s click or fit in their box of how they thought I should be.

Me: So you were 11 years old and bullied, I want you to take me back to that place and describe to me how you were feeling and share with me what was going through your mind.

Karlisha: The bullying mainly took place at lunchtime. I was anxious because nobody would talk to me in a supportive way. I would ask myself, “How come nobody likes me? What is wrong with me? This must be caused by something I am doing wrong. How do I fit in with these people?” I felt extremely lonely! It affected how I spoke to my parents and other people. I was very angry and snappy; I stayed in my room alone most of the time. I didn’t show my parents that I appreciated them or loved them while all of this was going on.  I didn’t love myself, so loving other people was the last thing on my mind. I felt depressed and I had suicidal thoughts. I wanted to create harm to myself and sometimes I wanted to die.

Me: How did the bullying escalate from the age of eleven?

Karlisha: It got to a point where I refused to go to school. I was physically ill and throwing up all of the time. I had severe PTSD. I was sick for an entire month and couldn’t get out of bed. The severe stress that bullying caused completely wore down my immune system. I also had terrible social anxiety.

Me: Was your Mom aware of the bullying at this point?

Karlisha: I never told her about the bullying until the age of 17 but she did suspect something was going on at school.

Me: How many years did the harsh bullying go on for?

Karlisha: Bullying started at the beginning of elementary school and escalated until 10th grade. I shifted at the age of 16 and found self-love and this helped but the social anxiety was intense until I graduated. Just the knowing that the end was in sight is what seriously got me through.

Me: How was your relationship with your Father?

Karlisha: My Dad had a gambling addiction and he showed me lack of love. I remember one time he left me in the car alone for hours while he went off and gambled, it was a hot day, and I felt abandoned and scared. This was when I was around 11 years old when all of the intense bullying was going on so you can imagine my level of anxiety and lack of self worth. I had a lot of fear, and wondered when my Dad was coming back, why this was happening to me, why I wasn’t good enough, and why I couldn’t measure up to anybody’s desires; why can’t someone just love me for who I am.

Me: Where has all of this left you today? How is your connection with others?

Karlisha: I needed people to like me back then and although that’s not as strong of a need today I think deep down inside there is still a part of me that’s looking for it, approval and acceptance. I am much more confident today.

Me: What created the shift from you having severe social anxiety and not wanting to go out in public to now becoming an award-winning actress living in Los Angeles?

Karlisha: Finally realizing graduation was coming up and I was leaving school is what helped to make the shift; thinking about all of the possibilities of where I could live and what I could do with my life gave me hope. I changed my perspective and gained back my power. I became excited about my future and I knew I wanted to be an actress. Moving to Los Angeles and becoming an actress fed my passion and gave me inner joy and a sense of belonging, I am surrounded by people that are similar to me, that have the same passion and aspirations, I feel like I now fit in. I moved to L.A. when I was 17 and I already had a manger that introduced me to a lot of people and the entertainment industry. I met like-minded people through acting classes. I plugged into inspirational videos on YouTube and I meditate on the positive messages daily. I love yoga, it helps to release my stress and better understand myself and I love to journal and find ways to learn from my experiences in life.

Me: Where has acting taken you over the past 2 years?

Karlisha: Everywhere, it’s amazing the progress I have made. Mentally I feel like I’m a completely different person, I feel more myself and I’m figuring out who I am. I played the lead role in the feature film Wrapped, was in the Lifetime film ‘Nightmare Tenant’, I have a starring role in the series ‘How to Identify a Serial Killer’ and I’m co-host of the series #Me4TV, a next-generation talk show. I have won Best Actor Under 18 at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and the Hollywood Moving Picture Film Festival, and Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Accolade Global Film Competition – all for my role in a film about child suicide called ‘Karlisha and Morgan’ which has also won many other international awards. I have gained recognition for my co-lead role in the international award-winning short film ‘Hello Tom Sullivan’ and co-hosted at Australia’s largest live national talent competition ‘Fast Track’ and trained and performed on stage in musical theatre, dance, singing and acrobatics as well as performed live at Second City in Los Angeles. I have experience working on film sets as a production assistant on the feature film The Lucifer Killings and the TV pilot Sunshine Backpackers; I’ve co-wrote and starred in ‘Bet the Demon Wins’, was the Producer of the short film, ‘The Birthday Party’ and won a national schools 3in6 Film Award for making a short film.

Me: I am very proud of you Karlisha for your transformation and I know you are passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world in regards to bullying why and what would you like to see happen? What encouraging closing remarks would you like to leave your readers with?

Karlisha: I know how hard it is to stick out, be bullied and feel lonely at a very young age. I am an advocate for mental health and I’m starting a podcast that focuses on what it is like mentally and physically to be bullied at a young age and I’ll be supplying ways to navigate through it all. I hope to create a sense of awareness and help others work through the negatives as well as identify and embrace the positives. I apply my experience in acting and I play in active rolls for film and TV that deal with mental health issues. I am very passionate about bringing healing to others and I want anyone who has gone through bullying issues that may be reading this to know that by being your authentic self it helps to create a space for others to open up and heal; your vulnerability is a gift to others. Embrace who you are because I promise it’s worth it! Be the best version you can of yourself and love yourself because you are special!

Karlisha is a great advocate for the youth and bullying. Personally, as a mother with a teenage son who has experienced over 5 years of intense bullying I am honored that Karlisha has become a light and a voice for those around the world trying to find their own. If you wish to connect with Karlisha you can do so via Twitter or Instagram and you can follow the success of the SHEROS on Facebook by clicking here.

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