Sheryl Puterman

Stress. Fatigue. Fear. Weight management. Trauma. Emotional scars. 

Is there a true way to overcome these life-altering conditions and truly heal?

Wellness encompasses how you act, how you feel, about yourself and about your body, on an emotional, physical and at the soul level. It might sound like a lot of work to have wellness in all of these areas – but this is a myth we’re going to bust today. 

Sheryl Puterman  and Juju Christopher on the RendezVous with Juju livestream show.
RendezVous with Juju Show

During this episode of the “RendezVous with Juju!”, I had the opportunity to chat with Sheryl Puterman, the CEO of Nourishment Vitality, and we really took a deep dive into what wellness means in real life and how to heal so we can achieve this wellness that is all encompassing. What we came up with will debunk some self-help myths and leave you feeling clear about where to begin on your path to true healing and wellness. 

Wellness Shouldn’t Feel Lonely

My own journey into wellness and healing brought me to a very lonely place. Even when I had an amazing business network, I never fit anywhere, and I thought it must be me, right? This is what we do. And it took me a few years to realize this: if the place I fit didn’t exist, I should create it. This was the vision for my Mystical Entrepreneur podcast, but more than that, this was the new vision for my life. I decided in those moments to heal the trauma that told me I wasn’t good enough to fit anywhere, or that something must be wrong with me if there was no place I belonged. My truth was that wellness, true wellness and healing, should never be lonely. 

Let’s Take That One Step Further

Not only should healing and wellness not be lonely – it should be a place where we truly get to know ourselves, learn to be kind to ourselves, and offer ourselves the love we so willingly offer to others. 

“It’s not easy to be kind to ourselves. Because we self-sabotage. Building up self-esteem and confidence counteracts the self-sabotage we often build into our lives. We have to be aware of how harsh we are on ourselves and begin to move away from that.” -Sheryl Puterman

It’s not surprising that the first step to true healing is awareness, immediately followed by kindness, lessons that ring true for every other area of our lives. 

Put Your Healing Into Practice 

Have you ever tried looking in the mirror? It can be really difficult to do this. But this exercise of “seeing yourself” will change the way you “see yourself”. 

  • Stand in front of the mirror and place your hand over your heart. 
  • Look in your own eyes. And tell yourself the words of love and wisdom you often share with everyone else in your life, except yourself. “ I am proud of you, I admire your strength, I am in awe of your wisdom.”

Our primary relationship is with ourselves. How we relate to ourselves is how we relate to others. So rather than always focusing on those external relationships, we must set time aside to focus on that internal relationship. 

This is what it means to truly go to the “heart of the matter”.  

A common misconception is this: we all must do the same thing. But this isn’t true. Self-exploration can look different for any one of us, and we will take the journey at our own pace. So if that means you start by spending 2-minutes in front of the mirror speaking mantras or if that means you spend 15-minutes a day in meditation or yoga, the journey has to be the one that works for you. 

A Quick Breakdown

When we become consciously aware of what’s happening to us and what we’re doing to ourselves, or allowing to happen, wellness and healing become easier. 

From here, self-love becomes so much more possible. And when we don’t need external validation, because we are acknowledging and appreciating ourselves, we attract more harmonious relationships. This includes the one with ourselves. 

“Part of healing how you feel is taking on the task of fully digesting your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. This is where self-forgiveness comes in. You learn to see yourself through the lens of compassion and tenderness. You can truly see yourself in both your shadow and in the light.”

Sheryl Puterman

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