See your goal as a seed.

The beauty about a goal is the smile, inspiration and motivation it gives me. However the most important for me is seeing that the goal itself – which is over THERE – doesn’t determine my fulfillment. My goal is not ‘here’. But my fulfillment is here. I will get there realising my goal when I get there. But what is vital, is to be content being HERE, the only place I will ever be.

You see; a goal is like a seed.

To grow and flourish, a seed needs a fertile base, water and sunshine. I am doing the watering, providing the growing environment and taking care of the seed during each step of its growth. And while holding that watering can, I need to take care of myself.

My goal needs my constant input, creativity and patience. I need my encouragement, kindness and clear vision.

How to tackle stress moments

Whenever I am stressed, it shows me that I need to slow down and retrace my thoughts. Somewhere I am beating myself up again. Often with thoughts like: ‘I should do more’, ‘I should be faster’ or ‘I didn’t do enough’.

Every ‘should’ thought is stressful by itself.

When stressed, I do a reality check:

  • Am I doing what I can?

  • Do I need support?

  • Do I need to adjust my timeframe?

These questions are reminders to appreciate myself, to be patient, to get support when needed or to align goals with realistic expectations.

In this way, stress guides me to create the right environment for my seed to grow and to reach my goal. This way I support myself to enjoy each step I take and to embrace the mistakes I make.

Can you see that success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm?

How to keep track of goals

To keep on track I daily apply the 5 qualities of focus, passion, dedication, playfulness and patience. And I have one goal which is the basis of anything else.

My primary goal is to be fulfilled in what I am doing – regardless of reaching any other goal. This is about appreciating life itself.

My secondary goal is about what I want to display in the world.

As I have experienced an amazing self inquiry and mindfulness tool which has transformed my life and supports me to be at peace with my thoughts and feelings; bringing this teaching in the world is my secondary goal. The clarity of my vision keeps me going whenever obstacles come along.

Daily ritual for boosting motivation

Each day I take the time to see the wider picture of life. Nature is my ultimate teacher. While I am looking outside; I see that clouds are always passing by. I see that each night turns into another day. Everything in nature is constantly evolving and changing. My moods, thoughts and feeling are changing as well. I am here on this amazing planet just for a short while. My own being is very petite in the vastness of the universe. I don’t need to take life so serious. 

My ritual puts everything in perspective. I know that my goal, which adds playfulness to the play called life; will manifest in due course.

Small steps for reaching your goal

Applying these wisdoms in daily life are the daily small steps to take:

  • Wake up with curiosity for what the day will bring as you never know what will happen.

  • Appreciate yourself and stop thinking that you are not doing enough.

  • Be in the here and now; it is the only place you will ever be. The past is gone and tomorrow never happens.

  • Keep going regardless of hurdles, worries or setbacks.

  • Go to sleep with gratitude. You life only once – so you might as well enjoy it.

Can you see that the smallest step in the right direction can become the biggest step in your life? 

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