Your mindset determines which path you will travel on throughout your life. Traveling along a path of scarcity creates fear, limitations, and pessimism. Whereas an abundant path supports happiness, thinking big, and optimism. If you want to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life, I believe making that mental shift from lack of to abundance is the path for you.

  1. Having an abundant mindset will allow you to view the world as having more than enough to provide. Endless resources exist, and you have the possibility of attracting whatever you believe into your life. A scarcity mindset will cause you to view the world similar to a pie. What one gains would mean less is available to you. This type of mindset leads to fear, uneasiness, and even stops people in their tracks from chasing their dreams. Believing in the abundance that exists will push out that fear and encourage you to keep dreaming, taking risks, and creating a life of fulfillment!
  2. We all have dreams and goals. The difference between you going out and achieving them is the difference between what mindset you adopt. A person with a scarcity mindset tends to avoid risk and thinks small. Taking a risk would mean losing whatever you have now. That may be viewed as too expensive, even if the risk would lead to a much larger reward. On the other hand, someone with an abundant mindset welcomes growth and challenges. They believe in the abundance of the world being able to provide for them no matter what. They trust that a change in a situation will lead to something great, whether that leads to increased finances, relationships, opportunities, or resources.
  3. Another difference that has influence over your whole being is whether you are optimistic or pessimistic. A pessimistic person will see the glass half empty whereas an optimist sees it as half full. One views life through a lens of “tough times ahead” and the other believes the best is yet to come! Whichever viewpoint you take on will have significant influence on your inner being. Choosing optimism will lead to increased happiness and peace! The good vibes you feel will then be reflected into the world and projected back to you in numerous ways. People,  opportunities, resources, and good vibes will always stay near to those who choose optimism over pessimism. 
  4. Your sense of insecurity and/or confidence is also influenced by which mindset you adopt. A scarcity mindset tends to lead to comparison and feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, and insecurity.  Comparison would cause you to envy others instead of understanding that what one has doesn’t take away from you! An abundant mindset would instill feelings of confidence, love, and light that comes from within. A person who has adopted an abundant mindset understands that they shape their reality. They believe in their capabilities and have a strong sense of self. Because of this, they are able to show up for themselves and others in the best way possible!
  5. The way you invest in yourself also transforms when you make the switch from scarcity to abundance. Someone with a scarcity mindset tends to put themselves last. Because this mindset supports fear and limitations, someone with this mindset usually ends up remaining in the same place. However, when you make that switch to an abundant mindset you will see the value in investing in yourself and growing. You will be open to betting on yourself, taking a step into the unknown, and welcoming the opportunities that the world wants to present to you. This will then lead to more abundance and wealth in your life. Everything starts from within. Believe it, feel it, act upon it, receive it! 

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  • Marlene Jennings

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