Hello how are you? I’m a bit bumpy and rough around the edges! It’s been a big movement here for me meeting more of myself all the old stuff still down there in the sedemant layers of untilled soil of life and some old roots showing up for unearthing,some quite a surprise .

Go gently amidst the noise and haste …beautiful prayer and I go oh so gently now into today looking into tomorrow’s window but not stepping out of the now just letting it gently transition one step at a time into the next moment as I observe myself like a magician ,magic carpet ride in the winds catching the ethernet and letting it carry me across the cosmos as I watch everything moving around me and wonder what that life might feel like as I’m surfing into the next breeze and knowing thats all I need now, no planning,striving or pushing just observing , and when the winds get bumpy I cling a little tighter and know this too shall pass and it does every single time.

Life is so beautiful bumps and mountains and everything in-between carry us always into the next breath and the next heartbeat that’s waiting to catch ours ,breathless life catching the prevailing winds and allowing them entry into our space .Love dances across the sky like stars glistening to the earth sometimes you see it sometimes you don’t but it’s falling so tenderly always into the earth planes some starlight comes to land some falls gracefully to the earth into the sands as they keep shifting inviting,encouraging us to let go,let go,let go and open all of you.

Scary right!! But the newness of a moment lived well,the new beginnings and the jumps from the cliff edge are what really sustains us again soul level ,not the money in the bank nor all the wine in the cellar can carry you or your heart like a leap of faith and what I know to be true is that the magic carpet will be right there waiting.

It might not have an alladin attached though! Be your own genie in life because everything else really is shifting sand beneath our hearts but we have got this thing called life ,that’s what I see all of us in our own way in our own bubble of life whether that’s a shopping cart on the street or a mansion in Beverly hills we are all doing it the best that we know how whether it feels like the best or not,the bagless homeless one might be free walking in faith for her next meal secure in her wanderings, trusting, hoping and looking into tomorrow’s window whilst the one in the mansion might be looking out of his window watching and fearing burglars are on the way a palace can be a prison and a shopping cart can be freedom from all the trappings that’s life!!

Im pretty uninterrupted these days traveling lightly across the earth watching the skies and the sunrise ,I don’t have possessions or furniture or stuff but I have and hold all the belongings of a heart that stayed open and a spirit that listened and a soul that called me to her breast and fed me all the way .

I have listened to those that wanted to share with me and allowed those that didn’t to pass me by holding peace in my heart for both whether I wanted more from that exchange or not because I understand we are all chess pieces moving to a silent hand navigating the desert of our own emptiness and aloneness and seeking only to know the few passing moments of connection ,love,and the breath of life .

No gaurentees ,we know that by now but hope yes,love definitely and true beauty seeking our attention ,believe in life no matter how many carpet rides have left you wanting ,how many times your heart has broken she’s healing every minute to bring you to the next heartbeat that’s waiting to greet you at the door of loves welcome and shifting sands will always be shifting beneath your feet because all god’s children wear travelling shoes and without our spirit ,holy spirit and the spark of light that keeps on burning and illuminating inside of us where would we all really be .

Home is the place inside that’s laughing ,smiling ,dancing and loving wherever you are on this earth .

All love cheaya

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