Technology has paved the way for numerous industrial innovations that have paved the way for a more convenient life for people across the globe, and the internet is only one of the many technological advances that are in widespread use. A massive 4.66 billion people are on the internet, and given the enormous transition of the world to the virtual, almost all industries have capitalized on the internet as well. Shihan Chowdhury is a forward-thinker who is keen on maximizing opportunities presented by the internet to promote businesses he has an interest in.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs meant the inevitable tendency to develop an inclination for entrepreneurship as well, and this Bangladeshi immigrant did just that. With his extended paternal family each having their own business, the vision of having something of his own to develop and bring to success had been instilled in him at a young age. Inspired by the models he witnessed in childhood, he dreamed of success in life by building a business that will generate significant income that will allow him to comfortably sustain the lifestyle he desires and accumulate wealth that will benefit future generations.

Shihan Chowdhury never lost that vision, and even as he completed his education, ideas of future ventures filled his mind. Finally, he came upon something that is perfectly aligned with his interests and which would maximize his comprehensive set of skills: a online marketing firm catering specifically to entities in the cannabis industry.

Despite the legalization of cannabis products in several states, it is a well-known fact that it remains a highly-controversial subject of discussion. Due to the high demand for medical cannabis, there are numerous companies out there producing cannabis products. This allows for a vast pool of options existing on the internet. The visionary saw a golden opportunity in this situation, and he decided to focus his business on making the searching process more convenient for consumers. 

This is the story of how AskMary came to life. As a platform for cannabis dispensaries, it has a unique algorithm that determines the medical effects of such products. This allows an easier customer-product matching that ensures the customer can receive the product that will best suit their needs. In addition, the site has robust ecommerce features designed explicitly for dispensaries. Shihan Chowdhury had a love for technology that served as the drive he used to find ways that will allow the cannabis industry to benefit from it. 

There are many ways of building a business in any industry without producing and serving the products, and AskMary is proof that selling services can generate just as much income as any selling business. Technology provides an incredibly diverse opportunity for any establishment, institution, and organization to improve its operations.

Shihan Chowdhury has utilized his comprehensive background in technology to realize his aspiration of establishing a well-earning business that will sustain his life and the lives of generations to come. Learn more about him and AskMary by visiting this website and following him on Instagram.