Work supported our shoe addiction. Shoe shopping was a total distraction when going through the most difficult personal and professional times. Shoe shopping was a beautiful experience even when our body image wouldn’t permit shopping for new clothes. Just glancing at our shoes when on the phone or in a meeting gave us enormous pleasure. Shoes gave us confidence and helped us stand (relatively) tall. Great shoes of all shapes, sizes, colors, styles–we loved every single pair. They were an integral part of our personal brands.

What is the role of fabulous shoes now?  Can we still show off our stilettos?  Do we have a reason to go to the shoe sales that used to be on our calendars?  Can we justify buying those dressy heels of any height, or are flats and sneakers our new wardrobe?

The answers are all affirmative. At least they will be soon. When we get back to normal, shoe will still be important.  Shoe shopping is still an enormous pleasure. And we will still go to a gazillion places where you can make a statement by wearing glamorous heels.  Now more than ever will dress up for our new activities, with glitter to match. Retirement doesn’t mean that dressing up is over.

But we need new kinds of shoe too. We walk more than we did before and we need shorter shoes for that.  We’ve taken notice that there are more cool flats now than there may have been—and we are all over that!

What we have realized is that we can still wear cool shoes as much as we like. They still make a statement—and we still want to make a statement. So we continue wearing the old ones and shopping for new ones.  We needed great shoes then and we will need great shoes again soon.  

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