Shohreh Ghamar is an actress who’s helped dozens of individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. In this article, we will learn how Shohreh wards of stress and lives a success-filled lifestyle.

Avoiding stress and burnouts

Let’s face facts, It’s hard to maintain your sanity through a tiresome day. Stressful days are inevitable and they can cause a lot of harm to our productivity and health. 

Well if we can’t avoid stressful days, what should we do?  To avoid burnout and stress, Shohreh recommends that you engage in mindful activities such as meditation and working out. Both of these activities have been proven to help enhance brain functions and reduce stress drastically. 

Apart from this, Shohreh also suggests that you take a day off work, taking some time away especially when a drop in performance is noticed isn’t a bad thing. As a matter of fact, Working in such conditions can be considered an effort in futility as you generate the lowest work output at that time.

Another way you can avoid burning out according to Shohreh is to adequately and effectively plan out a day’s work. This helps with the proper execution of each task and leaves you with many options. Doing all of this leaves you with enough time to complete tasks, and take a well-deserved rest.  

Achieving Success

Every one of us has our own definition of success, to some of us it may be to attain financial stability, to others it might be overall wellness. So how does one achieve success? Success can be achieved in a number of ways. Being a woman of faith, Shohreh did well to outline that in the journey to success, one factor that’ll set you apart from others is God; hence seeking out an active relationship with him is a great recipe for success

Personal Growth

Personal growth is something that comes from within. The truth is that no one can help you grow in any aspect of your life, it is you who hold the key to that. 

In the pursuit of growth and development, nothing matters more than self-belief’s key to believe in yourself. Shohreh stated that a lot of people entertain pessimistic thoughts that more often than not give various pointers to why they can’t succeed, leaving the positives unaccounted for and unattended to.  

They fail to realize that before outsiders can believe in the progress, they need conviction and what better conviction than you. Be a living embodiment of your efforts.