Female archer in the field at sunset

What grabs our attention more than anything else in life is desiring to be, do, or go somewhere someone else has. Whether that is better shape, bigger success, or a bomb scenic destination, there is a healthy kind of envy that can be drawn out of these desires.

Wanting to better ourselves and modeling a path from others who have traveled a similar one is more than just a good thing it is the epitome of personal development. This is where health coaches, business coaches, and travel guides (along with others) come in. We call this vision awareness.

Vision Awareness

Creating a vision of where you want to go, how you want to get there, when you want to get there, what getting there looks like, and why you are going there opens an awareness of reality. The reality of what it takes to get there… A colleague of mine calls it “taking a picture” of where you are going.

That picture is… gaining clarity around what is important to you (priorities, intention). Then developing the time, understanding, and the how of making it happen. When you have a clear picture of where you want to go (vision awareness) you can then take the necessary steps to get there. 

Vision Quest

Once you have the picture of where you want to go, the next thing to do is take the steps towards your goals, dreams, aspirations while finding the community of supporters that will help you get there. This means that some of the people in your current circles may not be there anymore. One of the greatest struggles we all have is removing people from our lives or creating boundaries with people in our lives so that we can grow.

Growth takes a little bit of pain, just ask any fitness coach, and they will tell you muscles do not get bigger or you won’t reach that tone you want without some pain. For some, the pain is easier than others.

Shoot High, Aim Low

Let’s investigate this concept of shooting high, while aiming low. The “shoot high” notion is the vision. That visceral, tangible desire to reach a certain destination. We need this for growth. Arriving at those destinations can only occur when desire exceeds dawdling.

Open the door and look up! Create your biggest vision. Dream big. The sky is literally the limit. Shoot as high as you can and don’t hold back. The only way to discover where you want to go is to dream.

“Have we found the place we’re looking for…”

Jon Anderson

The “aim low” principle is creating depth. Shallow dreams and shallow relationships will not cultivate roots. Without roots, there will be little or no growth (have you ever tried to grow plants without roots?).

Roots are what dig into the ground. Roots create foundation. In fact, the deeper the roots, the better the growth. Look at the root system of a 100-year-old oak tree and this principle comes to life.

Who and what are the roots in your life that you can go deep with? Search them out. Spend time developing relationships with people and places that encourage you. Water them and they will produce growth.

Never settle for good when you know great is available. Look for those who have gone where you want to go. Invest in them. Imitate them. Invite them to join you. Increase your value. Indulge your dreams. Improve your communication.

Forge your way. Don’t settle. Shoot high to reach your goals. Aim low to create roots. Reach out to someone today. Share your vision. Tell your story. Utilize your resources.