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As the holiday season approaches, the joy of giving takes center stage, offering a unique opportunity to share gifts with impact. It’s a perfect time to use your purchase power to further social good. This year, transform your shopping into a meaningful journey, choosing gifts that not only delight your loved ones but also resonate with deeper values of sustainability, community support and positive change.

Welcome to the Daily Point of Light Marketplace – a virtual venue that allows you to shop for products made by Daily Point of Light honorees. These social entrepreneurs offer unique products that ultimately better the world through their businesses. You can embrace the spirit of the season by selecting gifts that bring joy to your friends and family, and the world, creating ripples of positive impact that last all year long.

See the full suite of products below and read inspiring stories of how these social impact leaders are driving real and sustained change in their communities. But first, find out what a social entrepreneur is and why this pathway is essential to civic engagement.

What Is a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are innovative changemakers who establish businesses with the primary goal of addressing social, environmental, or cultural challenges. Unlike traditional entrepreneurs, their primary measure of success isn’t profit, but rather the positive impact they can make on society or the environment.

Supporting social entrepreneurs is crucial because they often tackle issues that are overlooked or underserved by other sectors. By purchasing from or investing in their businesses, consumers and investors not only receive a product or service but also contribute to solutions for pressing global problems, promote sustainable development, and help foster a more equitable and just society. In essence, supporting social entrepreneurs means playing an active role in shaping a better world through mindful economic choices.

Learn more about Social Entrepreneurs in this free issue of Civic Life Today.

Gifts with Impact: The Daily Point of Light Marketplace

Shop ‘til you drop! These Daily Point of Light honorees are offering products through our marketplace that help you become a champion of social good with every purchase.

Alex Hart-Upendo: At just 12, Alex founded Build-A-Bow, transforming adversity into a thriving business that offers custom bowties and champions community causes. Each purchase supports workshops and anti-bullying initiatives. Join Alex in making a difference—one bow at a time.

Alexander Tsao: Alex, a competitive climber, uncovered a troubling practice: climbing gyms frequently discard old ropes, adding to environmental harm. Motivated to initiate change, Alex began transforming these ropes into dog leashes, birthing the Rocks2Dogs initiative. These leashes not only repurpose old ropes but also bolster no-kill animal shelters and local charities, with all profits being donated – so you’re backing environmental sustainability, animal welfare and the essence of the climbing community.

Cooper Schwartz: Stay warm and make a difference with Hedgehog Beanies. For every high-quality, cozy hat you purchase, a beanie is donated to an unhoused individual in Northern U.S. cities, providing essential warmth. Join high school student Cooper in his mission to help communities and learn about the charming hedgehog. Your purchase not only brings comfort to you but also makes a meaningful impact.

Gretchen Holt Witt: Liam Witt’s childhood cancer diagnosis in 2007 propelled his parents, Gretchen and Larry, into action. They initiated a massive bake-a-thon, baking 96,000 cookies to fund research for better, less toxic pediatric cancer treatments. This effort evolved into Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, raising nearly $20 million through grassroots events. By purchasing these cookies, you can enjoy or give a sweet treat this season while joining a movement to change the future of pediatric cancer treatment.

Harry and Heath Bennett: In response to a classmate’s cancer diagnosis, Harry and Heath crafted Bennett Brothers Balm, a natural, organic lip balm, dedicating 100% of profits to cancer research and patient care. Their homemade balm has contributed over $43,000 to the cause. By choosing their products, you’re joining the Bennett brothers in their heartfelt fight against cancer.

Mindy Atwood: Join Patches of Light in their mission to bring relief and unity to families with critically and terminally ill children. Founded by Rodney and Mindy Atwood, who personally experienced the hardships of caring for sick children, Patches of Light offers essential support by covering living expenses and emergency needs. Support this cause by purchasing Mindy’s published books, with all proceeds directly aiding families across the United States and beyond.

Natalie Salvatierra: Do Not Worry, Little Donkey is inspired by Natalie’s heartfelt mission to support those with OCD through her virtual letter-writing platform, Solely Sunshine. This book serves as a gentle, nurturing guide for young children facing common worries and anxieties. By purchasing this book, you not only offer solace to a child but also support a broader cause of spreading kindness and understanding mental health.

Peyton Daley: Join Peyton’s mission to support the comfort and adoption of shelter animals with Paw Prints Blankets. For every cozy blanket you purchase, one is donated to a no-kill animal shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing warmth to furry friends at Pets in Need, North Valley Animal Disaster Group and Humane Society Silicon Valley. Embrace the cause and share the warmth.

Sir Darius Brown: Overcoming his own challenges, Darius discovered a passion for making bow ties for dogs. His mission began when he realized these dapper accessories could help rescue dogs affected by natural disasters get noticed and adopted faster. By supporting Sir Darius and purchasing his handmade bow ties, you’re accessorizing your pet, while contributing to the mission to save shelter pets and provide them with essential “Wag Bags” filled with much-needed items.

Rhiannon Menn: Lasagna Love’s founder had a goal to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. Check out the culinary collection, featuring baking dishes, knives and much more. Each purchase is a step toward combating hunger and food insecurity in communities across the U.S. Embrace the spirit of giving back while creating delicious meals in the kitchen and carving paths towards a brighter future.

William Cabaniss: At just 14, William founded Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow, driven by a passion to fight hunger. This unique venture, where all work is volunteer based, donates 100% of profits to Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, translating to 601,215 meals so far. By purchasing William’s homemade pure vanilla extract, you’re not just adding flavor to your food; you’re directly contributing to a nourished community.


  • Diane Quest

    Interim President and CEO

    Points of Light

    Diane Quest is the chief operating officer at Points of Light and has served as an executive leader with the organization since 2016. An accomplished nonprofit executive, she brings 20 years of experience in management, strategy, and external affairs, including marketing and communications, event production and experience, and partnerships. In her tenure at Points of Light, she has served in a variety of roles as a member of the executive leadership team responsible for enterprise strategy, and most recently she served as chief external affairs officer, where she was responsible for brand strategy, the annual Points of Light Conference, The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards and Celebration, and The Daily Point of Light Award. Diane has an extensive background in strategic and crisis communications. In her previous role at MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership she successfully led a rebranding effort, a strategy that resulted in increased visibility in earned media and social media, and the doubling of registration at the organization’s annual national conference. Prior to MENTOR, she was a consultant with Camino Public Relations, a boutique firm with a focus on social justice nonprofit clients. She served at The Pew Charitable Trusts as the communications manager for a jointly sponsored advocacy project with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Prior to her work at Pew, Diane was the national media director at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She managed the development and implementation of media relations campaigns to advance the mission of the $1 billion reproductive health care and advocacy organization. In addition to her nonprofit work, Diane also has experience working within the federal government. She was the media and legislative affairs liaison for the inspector general at the U.S. Department of State. Before entering the field of communications and public relations, she was a television journalist. She has a Master of Arts in political science from American University in Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.