The current condition of your property is not good enough for a comfortable livelihood, and you want to make some changes. Nonetheless, moving out is not an option because you have family and friends in the neighborhood, you are accustomed to the area, and amnesties are nearby.

In such a scenario, you are left with two options – to opt for knockdown and rebuild process of the property or to renovate. It is a major decision, and a lot of contemplation and counseling is necessary. In this process of deciding, we have gathered some information regarding the two options which might help in making your decision easier.

Factors Affecting the Decision

Following are some factors that can affect your decision:


The condition of your house plays a critical role in your decision. First, you will have to decide why you want to change the condition of the house. Do you want more space, is the color bad, is the interior design old-fashioned, etc.?

After this, you need to have a thorough inspection of your house and decide what needs changes and what does not. Sometimes minor changes such as repainting or refurnishing give a new life to a house and in such cases, complete rebuilding of the house is unnecessary.

Having a professional architect over to inspect the house can help you in making a decision, and this can also help you in cost estimation.


Renovating the house is the cheaper option, but sometimes the condition of the building is so poor that renovating is not an option. Moreover, if structural changes are needed starting from scratch, knock down rebuilding is a better choice. Knockdown and rebuild cost Melbourne vary according to the type of land, construction done, and the availability of amenities such as water, gas, etc.

Future Maintenance Costs

A complete reconstruction of the house needs minor maintenance in the long run, but it all depends on the materials used in the knockdown and rebuild process. If you consider renovating the house, it is essential to check the house for any termite infection because it is financially profitable to reconstruct the home affected by termites.


A major factor in deciding between the two options is often the one ignored by many. If the renovation costs of the house exceed the overall increase in its net worth then rebuilding should be opted.

Why should you renovate?

It is relatively cheaper

It is easier to get a renovating approval that approval for complete reconstruction from the local authority.

Renovating is an eco-friendly method as you are recycling preexisting materials.

Why should you knockdown and rebuild?

Here are a few reasons why tearing down and rebuilding is the wiser option:

Reset the timer

Nothing is forever. Everything comes with an expiry date and the materials that made your house are not an exception. If you are thinking of living in the house for a long time, then rebuilding is the better option.

Now let us talk ‘numbers’. Ideally, the exterior paint can last up to seven years, but climate conditions can bring it down to five years. Air conditioners hold up for a decade, and the dishwashers can’t even hold on for a decade. One can replace a dishwasher but what if you have to replace your roof, air conditioning, and gutter along with the dishwasher in the same year.

So, by rebuilding the house, you reset the timer. You get to live in a new home, and after ten to fifteen years if you decide to sell it, you will be selling a relatively new house. The age of a house has a significant impact on the pricing, so rebuilding turns in your favor at the end.

Reclaim of VAT

You are liable to full VAT in case of renovating the house, however, rebuild projects are subject to zero VAT. Therefore, with a financial perspective in mind, re-building the house from scratch is better.


When you are remodeling the basic structure of your house is intact and shouldn’t be disturbed. It leaves you little room for customization. However, when you tear down the house and start from scratch, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes the rooms are too close to the road, and the sound and pollution of the traffic disturb your living standards, or the structural design does not take full advantage of the sunlight, or the orientation of the house does not consider proper ventilation. All of these are significant problems that can only be solved with the complete rebuilding of the house.

Knockdown and Rebuild Costs Melbourne

Although the rebuilding cost depends upon various factors such as retention of the façade, asbestos usage, and convenience in access the total volume generally estimates it. A casual estimate would be of £35 to £40 per cubic meter.

Monetary savings can be done by recycling certain materials after the demolition. Various architectural and structural elements can be reused; for example, rubble can be used in making driveway for the house. Pre-existing sewage systems, gardens, and fences can also help save a considerable sum if retained.

Knockdown and Rebuild Process

Typically, one would argue that the knock down and rebuild process is divided into two. However, experts advise to carry out the two processes of demolition and reconstruction together. As soon as the old building is turned to rubble, no responsibility lies on the builders for consent because there is nothing left that needs replacement.


No simple answer will help you in making up your mind as you have already been educated on the different factors that can affect your decision. There are many factors such as your requirements, your financial standing, the condition of your house, the changes you want to be made, etc. However, with a commercial perspective, rebuilding a considerably old home is better because it not only resets the clock it attracts more tenants and potential buyers and also increases the net worth of the house.