Making a decision to change jobs is hard. Deciding to switch to a completely different industry and make a complete career pivot is harder. But a good starting point is to ask yourself the right questions to uncomplicate it.

Is your current industry experiencing change? 

Are you are open to trying something new and learning a new set of skills?

If so switching industries may be for you. But you should always carry out a proper strengths analysis and risk assessment first! You have to be realistic about what gaps you will need to fill. It won’t be for the fainthearted but without a shadow of a doubt, it is possible. 

Here are some steps to help you understand your willingness to switch industries.

1. Do a pivot assessment. 

What does my future career look like in my current industry? 


1. The number of companies in your current industry.

2. The number of clients.

3. The number of current job openings.

4. If your company is hiring or making redundancies. 

This is a good way to begin to assess your current industry. It is an analytical fact-based task to assist you in taking a clear evidence-based, data-driven and unbiased assessment. So if your future in your current industry looks bright that is great! If it is dull you know you may need to consider all your options. 

2. Do another pivot assessment. 

We always ask for a 2nd opinion from others! In this case, we should consider asking our head, heart and gut for one also. This is more of an emotional and ethical decision. Values and beliefs will also be a driver here. 

1. How does your “gut” feel when you read about your current industry, company and competitors?

2. How do your industry and company treat their staff and customers? 

3. Do you use your company’s products and services? 

4. Would you recommend them to friends, family, and your network?

The answers will be critical to determine your level of fulfilment and satisfaction with your current role and industry. 

3. Understand and process. 

It is a simple as researching…

What industries are shrinking?

Which is growing?

4. Decide.

Should I Make a Switch?

If so, now or later? 

Consider the following agendas to help you reach more clarity.

1. Current future is good but not proud of company = Switch companies and remain in the same industry.

2. Current future is good and proud of my work and company = Stay put.

3. Current future is bleak and not proud of company = Switch company and move into a new industry.

4. Current future is bleak but proud of the company = Join a bigger supplier of your current company. Or join a different area of your company to have better career options.

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