If you have ever seen the movie “Jerry McGuire” you will remember the famous line from Tom Cruise where he yells into the phone “show me the money” to Cuba Gooding, Jr. This is a scene where they are trying to figure out how to work together as a professional athlete (Gooding) and a sports agent (Cruise). YouTube™ the scene is you need perspective.

This reminded how one aspect media works. One important value to having a strong, positive media presence is the value of showing up.  

SHOW me the money

Media outlets, from a Facebook™ or Instagram™ live video, to the radio, a podcast, to a face to face feature on the television, all are asking the same question… “what value to us will bringing ‘XX’ person onto our platform.

The greater value you can show a media outlet you are bringing them, the greater opportunity they will see in having you as a part of their platform. It is about positioning and investing.

In my book, “Media Secrets Revealed” I talk about the power of my five strategies I use consistently to position myself for media outreach. These strategies, when implemented have resulted in me solidifying a spot on whatever outlet I was pitching to, 100% of the time.

The more value you can bring to the table, the more value you can show a platform that will benefit their audience, the easier it is for them to make up their minds and book you.

This starts in the pre-planning phase. Do your research. Know what you are getting into. Know who you need to talk to. Fond out when the best time is to r each them and make every effort to…on their time. Your goal is to be featured on a media platform. Their goal is to have their end user (and the outlet itself) gain value and benefit from having you there.

The more you show… the more they know. The more they know, the more they will go to you.

Show ME the money

Now, of course when you position yourself to be featured on a platform, you need to show up for you as well. Knowing yourself, being authentic and genuine to your vision and mission will absolutely position you the way you’ll need to be.

Having a strong platform yourself across all your own media outlets (FB, IG, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) shows that you are serious enough to be serious. Having inconsistencies across your platforms will result in that preverbal ‘red flag’ preventing you from growing efficiently.

Me is a big word. Me infers that you are the number one person, the most important. And, to you, you are. You should be. You make your world go round. You are responsible for you, your family, your business, your brand. You are the most important person… to you.

Using this energy of the self, you can position your best qualities, your skills, your end goals to specific media outlets that will help you.

The Benefit?

When you aim to help others, there is a certain level of humility required. Knowing who and what you are getting yourself into will allow you to align with outlets and people that receive value from you and as a return deliver value back to you… the most important person in your life.

This is the value of networking,

This is the value of showing up.

This is the value of knowing yourself.

This is your value.

When your value is their value, the mutual benefit knows no bounds. Share your best ‘showing up’ story in the comments. I’d love to read them.