Have you heard?! There’s a deadly virus encircling us recently… and it’s spreading wildfire style! Like the infection that turned everyone into zombies in World War Z…

The only difference is, there is no physical contact needed to be affected. So please, I urge you to get yourself checked. Spot these symptoms:


Every day, every month, every new year, you make that goshdarn list over and over and over again…

You want to start reading, writing, meditating, learn that long overdue handstand, hit business sales targets, enroll your dog for yoga…and on top of all these ‘wants’, you’re also expected to be present with your friends and family!

This is when the virus slowly creeps in…you’ll start feeling your blood boil, your breath shorten and you’re chasing around the clock, EVERY DAY!

And that list…? It never ends but just gets piled on more and more!


That constant scroll on social media! I want you to admit it, at least to yourself..that the first thing you do when you open your eyes…..is scroll through FB / IG! Am I right or AM I RIGHT?!

“How many likes did I get?!”

“Who commented?!”

“Ugh! That b*tch is so snarky!”

“Why haven’t my boyfriend liked my post yet?!”

You keep a ridiculous score on something that brings no value to your life, better than Uncle Scrooge counted his dollars!

Gurl, you know you’re losing focus on life but pretending like it ain’t happening..I’m telling you, you’re becoming a little self-absorbed here! (uhmmm hmmm!)


Doing your makeup while commuting while checking latest podcast while solving the work crisis only you can solve. Because you are a super-human. Cooking your partner an Instagram-worthy dinner (hey! That will get you more likes, right) while skyping parents while making more lists. Or how about the classics: texting while brushing teeth!

Have you seen these type of people? Or are you one of them..? I’ve had the pleasure of observing such people and it never fails to crack me up!

Sorry to break it to you, love, you might be also affected by the perfectionism virus. This dirty gangster has been taking worthy entrepreneurs one by one, creeping into their restless minds through social media. The scariest thing? Ones affected to believe the world will love them less if they fail to be perfect. I know, I know, seems incredibly silly, but they actually do believe that.

Remember that time (I mean every time) when you wanted things to be “just perfect”? Remember how stressed you were when you realized you can’t possibly control every single aspect of how the day will go? Beating yourself up, blamed for not thinking it through better, for not trying harder, for failing.

Yeap! Stress is every perfectionista’s girlfriend. Everyone else seems to just have it all together. And the book you just read has that proven plan to be perfect which only takes 15 minutes a day. I mean, everyone got the 15 minutes, so if you are failing 1 day out of 7, something gotta be wrong with you, right?


That’s you right there, opening your doors wide open, inviting the stress to come in.

You are incredible, hard-working, talented, yet you are never 100% in control of circumstances. But you are in control of yourself.

Perfectionism – it’s your turn to return the flying kick in the butt! Because you and I know that you are in control. That you can laugh at your not-so-Instagram-worthy cooking experiments or ask for help and let it in when you need it.

I just want you to know that you’re not alone… Fire up that immune system so they can go to war with the missy virus here!

The relaxing sight.

Inhale love, exhale fear… inhale gratitude, exhale complaints… inhale happiness, exhale stress.

The humor

Here is how I deal with it

Your mantra: “I AM GOOD ENOUGH”

Repeat this as many times as possible until you truly feel enough and peaceful within your heart.

Now go live life outside of that illusionary virus-life!