Sight Beyond Sight
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How Your Soul Truth Aligns With Cosmic Consciousness
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Brief summary of the book:
In Sight Beyond Sight one discovers how raising our level of awareness brings us into the realm of connecting with consciousness. Consciousness is achieved by connecting oneself with Divine Intelligence and through this awakening, we are better able to navigate and direct our lives towards success and well being.
What is the author’s expertise?
Holding a Bachelors degree and two decades of training and education in the areas of trauma, addiction, abuse, employment and art media, this author focuses on lifestyle, health & wellness and personal development that progresses the individual, family and community. Her interests in spiritual progression along with personal challenges and experiences have aligned with her education, to bring a unique bridging of science and the metaphysical.
What is the topic of the book?
The topic of this book is Consciousness. It involves the awakened state of the mind/body/spirit and its progression to “The Great Awakening” of one’s soul. This is experienced and achieved through awareness of one’s heart, mind, body and emotions that connect with the inner being, one’s cell memory and connection with infinite intelligence. This level of awareness and then awakening brings the reader into a revelation of connection and prosperity of ‘Soul Truth.’ The reader is given practical and metaphysical perspectives to apply in their lives enabling them to live a life of fulfillment, meaning and achievement.
What is the books Message?
Where there is no way, make a way. It is a story about overcoming challenges and tapping into a source of energy that transforms and empowers.
What inspired you to write and publish this book?
I began having other worldly experiences that didn’t make sense in the earthly understanding of life. This prompted me to share the experiences I had had with life challenges and the angels that came into my life to encourage me.
What was the motivation for writing the book?
My motivation was to share my experiences with others to cause them to be aware of more than a three-dimensional world of existence and to recognize the existence of God, the presence of Angels and other worldly intervention that comes from a cosmic realm.
Topic I want highlighted for the release:
How to become awakened to a state of Divine Source, that guides, directs, supports and encourages your soul, bringing you into successful meaning and fulfillment in your life.
Favorite quote/line from the book:
In that as a blessing and thee that enlightens
As I bow to the Universe and Infinite Intelligence
Of all thy miracles before me, in graceThis expresses the spiritual intellect of wisdom, grace and faith that comes to ones soul awakening.
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“Reading this book will be an enlightening journey into the depth of self-awareness. Sight Beyond Sight has precious potential to be a transformational experience into spiritual awareness. The Ayrial Association
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