While famous dropouts such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and more recently Mark Zuckerberg, have attracted media frenzy and attention that there is a corporate cool culture which develops students’ skills and gives them the idea that being an entrepreneur is awesome and can be taken as an academic learning experience. The phenomenon of student entrepreneurs is largely silent because of multi-national companies and their corporate advertisements. 

Student entrepreneurs are those students who are already doing some economic activity and generating income in their own personal space. Some students have also started their own podcast channels to guide about the latest social media or advertising trends which they learn during their lectures, start online learning to students aboard or even give new product demos to an audience or their followers on Youtube. You can even share your podcast on Youtube as there are many easier ways to do that. The phenomenon is important for several reasons. Above all, it is part of the growth of entrepreneurial careers that change the structure of the economy and the structure of the corporate world. 

Secondly, from a political point of view, it is interesting that the governments of the world are dedicating considerable resources for the promotion of this type of activity and to reshape the education courses for entrepreneurs who can promise economic growth. Third, the increase in the entrepreneurial universities and attractiveness of entrepreneurship programs is increasingly becoming a priority for universities.

Why is it so Important?

Developing students into entrepreneurs is not just an education or an education to learn or memorize; it is important to understand what drives them to become entrepreneurs in the first place, their experiences, identity, and skills which contribute significantly to the creation of favorable environment

reforms about how to go against the traditional rules. Their entrepreneurial activities such as podcasting can also guide their practice so that they can share their ideas with the world. Podcast videos made by entrepreneurs also focus on their experience and their basic philosophy and passion to become an entrepreneur. Their podcast can also help to learn about the experiences of their participants and their understanding of this entrepreneurial phenomena. The purpose of the podcast is to understand which students are more interested in their entrepreneurial venture and what study can help them learn the experiences of several student entrepreneurs through their long interviews and podcasts. There are two areas of interest; the types of study courses which can help students to become entrepreneurs and how they go through their entrepreneurial path and their individual dynamics and the other; the skills that they need to develop when starting their own business.

It can also contribute to their study of economics, business, branding, marketing, and accounting. student entrepreneurs with their knowledge of their dynamic ability to understand their background, explicitly the meaning of serendipity, can truly make the difference. This has a little theoretical and practical contribution. In this practice of podcast, it is useful for three groups: entrepreneurs, consultants, and administrators who can provide support to students who want to become entrepreneurship by learning through their education and experiences. 

This theory also contributions to the typology of Student entrepreneurs, the illusion of the types of identity work they perform and the framework which they adopt for their dynamic skills. Podcast contributions can sometimes also include tools for administrators to support programs for student entrepreneurs and how to identify students through their profile of followers and promotion proposals.

Development of Entrepreneurs

Inspiration and advice can come from anywhere for a creator. And especially, the practice of learning and sharing podcast can do good for students, if that inspiration can truly reform their lives for their entrepreneurial journey. There is no shortage of topics for podcasts and you can listen to them everywhere especially on Youtube and other famous podcast channels. Listen while you are driving in your car as you go about washing dishes or whenever you have the time and the inclination. A good podcast can easily hold on and wrap you for some serious discussions. For a creator, this can mean a regular correction of knowledge and advice.

Some Entrepreneurs may also become better at it while delivering their learnings and experiences through their official podcast channels. Business and entrepreneurial conversations through the podcast or radio encourage women to create conversations, commitments, and decisions for a successful way of thinking. The focus is on the continuation of the vibration for the control of everyday life; work against life with conscious choices, and talk to each other on how to improve or reduce difficulties and hardships. The desired result is the transition from survival to stability, the type of wealth in all areas of life. It can also keep your focus on three strengths: business development; cooperation; and control of life. Such podcasts can also encourage women entrepreneurs to master daily life through their one-page plan and their entrepreneurial plans on their podcast radio channels.

The Perception of Students

Most podcasts have recordings on specific entrepreneurial topics, especially on “survival phrases” for those looking for quick help on the streets. As many of these entrepreneurs have suffered and survived and they know how people can suffer badly in the long exhausting hours of work in a world filled with bad managers and bosses. They also give some tips about education and how it is needed, even if you want to become an entrepreneur. These podcasts can be easily heard all over the world, through some famous channels as many students are following this modern need and trend, just like their predecessors. However, these podcasts need something attractive, as the student wants to have fun while listening to some funny entrepreneurial stories or situation and how it worked out perfectly for some entrepreneurs. Some of them think that it is basically entertainment for serious business students. Often people discuss what to learn and think from the non-serious perspective as they have not really been into the hardships and difficulties endured by real entrepreneurs. 


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