signs that tell you are a writer

How many times did you feel that writing is in your DNA? If you love to write and enjoy the time you spend on your writing, congratulations. you are a writer at heart.

If you are still confused whether you have that writing flair or not, there are some signs that advocates you a writer.

Watch out these 10 signs that tell you are a writer at heart. If you find a connection with these signs, you are definitely a WRITER.

1. If you have a passion for writing since childhood

Did you ever enjoy writing when you were a child? Whether it is just an essay, homework activity, or your diary? If you enjoyed it then obviously it could be a sign that you are a writer at heart. In our childhood, we know what we like to do and what we want to do in the future.

2. When You fantasize or daydream about things

Have you ever fantasized about writing things? Most people daydream about things but if there is a writer inside you, you may fantasize more than normal. It is one of the most common attributes of a great writer and storyteller to muse vividly. Most of the writers can do it at will while some do it by keeping up in a conversational style. If you are a daydreamer and fantasizer, take some notes and give writing a try. 

3. If Reading is your hobby

If you love reading, you might be the best writer. For you, the smell of books is a definition of fun. While other people prefer to go for movies or other outdoor trips, you prefer to sit alone with your favorite book in hand. 

It is not obvious that everyone who loves to read can write, but the writer is drawn to books. Loaning out your books might be a difficult thing because deep inside you are thinking about what if they do not bring it back?

Also, you are a word hoarder, you can’t read books without your notebook on your side. It is because you believe that you would read something that makes sense and you need to note it. If you are a good reader, you can give try to writing as well.

4. When You prefer to write things rather than saying

If you are a writer at heart, you will realize that your ability to think about something with so many angles is different from other writers. That’s what makes you a unique and best seller writer. Your brand is your voice and your writing power. Now you know that all that time you spent overthinking was just a practice of your writing career.

5. When Your phone notes are full of ideas

Your mind is the endless swirl of different ideas, especially if you are a writer. The ideas are random and you may not have the notes all the time to write it down. You think up a mind-blowing one-liner or a best word or sentence to describe your next character.

To save these thoughts or ideas your phone “notes” are full of the ideas. It can be just some words, lines, or a paragraph. This is the best practice though, you can use these notes or sentences whenever you start writing in your free time.

6. If You are a wordsmith

Do you ever come across the world and you can’t seem to recognize it because it is new in your vocabulary? Do you rush to find its meaning by using a dictionary or Google? If yes, you are a wordsmith and this characteristic is also the sign that you are a writer at heart.

Writers love to come across new words and they use it significantly while communicating verbally or in writing. To make sure, you can try writing something about nature, poetry, or music lyrics.

7. If You are curious about everything

Writers are more sensitive and emotional than other people. These traits are best and work well for a writer. They notice each and everything about their environment and surroundings and convert them into words.

Curiosity doesn’t mean you are nosy or something. It is like you notice things that are overlooked by other people. For instance: you notice when people start acting differently or you notice when the regular dog is absent at the park. This trait does not belong to everyone. People might advise you to forget about it, but you certainly can’t.

8. When You lose track of time while writing

Do you lose track of time while writing? Like if you ever found yourself sitting in front of your computer and working on the MS Word for hours. This is a magical world that speeds up the natural time. You start writing and next thing you know, it is 2 in the morning and you have written thousands of words. If you work with this passion, you should show your writing samples to the publishers to get your work published.

9. When You feel creative on a particular time of the day

No matter if you are nocturnal or an early bird you feel creative in a certain time of the day. It can be 5:35 in the morning or 1:50 at night. There are specific times of the day when you feel creative. These hours help you to focus better and create a sense of clarity.

It is an inexplicable phenomenon, but when you are in the perfect minute of the day, it’s like everything suddenly starts making sense. You reach the bliss point that helps you with your story climax or closing. Right words just seem to flow out of your mind without any hurdle.

10. When you have a fear of telling your work to non-writers

You find it nerve-racking to share your work especially with people who don’t like to read or write. You have the fear that they might judge your ideas or they will get confused with your story or writing ideas.

You may also fear to reveal the vulnerable side as your work might draw from the personal experience of your life. But, when you find some supportive people who are constructive to your work, it may help you to adopt some kick-ass attitude and your fears melt away.

So, did you find any signs that meet with your personality? If yes, then welcome to the crew.


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