So, you have an invention idea in your mind and little curious about. You have many questions in your mind regarding the worth of your invention idea like is it good or not. Does it will be got fame or not? Blah blah blah. I’m gonna show you how to figure out if your invention is any good if you should work on licensing it.

So, first and foremost thing you need to do is to understand the micro category of your invention. If, you are making something household product such as dinner set, a barbecue spatula, or a soccer cone or cutting board for the kitchen, you need to know all the products in the market in that space. You need to do some search of the images that can be easily found on the google image search.

Then you need apply the things that I will tell you about here and see if your product offers any of these things or anything else in this area. So, what I’m talking about is how do you know that your invention make sense and can change the world. There are a lot of different reasons why it would make and I’m going to go through those reasons right now.

Okay, the product could be faster I’m gonna talk in generalities once I get into a specific product. It’s just going to take too long so the product can be faster then the other products. On the other side, your invented product could be more efficient then the pre-invented one. Your product could be more reliable then the other ones in your space, better looking, beneficial and easy to use in terms of its usage. For example, the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 both were manufactured in the same year 2013. But, in 2018 if you compare both of these smartphones, you will prominently feel the difference in the durability and performance between both of them. The iPhone 5S is more durable and high-performance smartphone when compared to Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2018. So, in this way you can evaluate the strengths of your invention with respect to the others in the market.

You can also categorize evaluate your invention idea in terms of safety. How much is safer then the other products. How much it is easy to use, like usability is the property you can win the situation with and it is obviously a benefit. So, your invention is more fast, efficient, easy to use, less expensive, and safer then your competitors. Your product may be cheaper than the other in this micro category of inventions. Although, these are very little things but have a great impact on your invention products.

Another thing that people merely think about it is you it does not have to be better, it does not have to be cooler just like an iPod touch that looks awesome. Sometimes looks of product is more important for the customers then its functionality. It would be more attractive than the others. However, these attractive, cooler, and efficient are simple words but have great impact on your products and in someway can be the most selling point of your products.

I have already stated as I’m gonna talk about generalities, I’ll emphasis on very little things that we people mostly ignore. And there is of course there’s the what every inventor usually thinks of is it solves a problem. That is most common property, but here is the thing does it just solves a problem for you or it is also solving a problem for others. So, you have to look all the products in this space and the category of your invention. You will see many products that are already invented and solves the problem but overlook very other problems that your product can handle in addition.

Well, this article is about to educate you to learn whether your invention is good and you should go for it’s licensing process, so these are the few little things that you should also consider. Moreover, If you are an inventor with a great invention idea and enthusiastic about that, then please don’t forget it just because thinking it would be better for mankind or not, just go for it. You can join hands to hand with experts such as InventHelp that will give you a great guideline to move ahead. You will get complete expert assistance in many ways that will give you a real boost. Your product will surely get patent and get commercial success and fame. These experts will not only help you out in your legal affairs but also help you financially to build prototype of your invention idea.


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