Silence is golden.

Do you believe that?

Or is that belief tarnished?

Do you speak your mind?

Or do you tip toe around sensitive subjects?

Is “silence is golden” old-fashioned?

How does being tactful fit into this?

Do you prefer to have someone tell you the way it is?

Can you list three situations where “silence is golden?”

Can you list three situations where “silence is not golden?”

What is the origin of “silence is golden?”

Is it dishonest to be silent about something when you have the information?

Can being silent about something affect a relationship?

When are you fearful about speaking up?

When have you not kept a secret?

Is there a difference between keeping a secret and “silence is Golden?”

If someone tells you something that’s painful, do you hold it against them?

The thought of “silence is golden” and Thriving are related. Don’t you think?