What if you were to go on a journey, not to the centre of the earth, but to the deepest part of your soul? What would you find there? What would you see along the way?

Before you read any further, get a pen and paper, or the digital version, if you’re so inclined. I want us to do this together. We’re taking a journey to soul. Your soul. So, you need to find a quiet spot or a quiet space within. I’ve learnt that I can find silence wherever I am, on a bus or in a park. Are you ready?

As we begin, I’ll share with you The Philosophy of Leading From Above The Line, which states that there is an innate goodness in every human being that seeks to be expressed. That means, on this journey, the deeper within you go, the more goodness you’ll find. Isn’t that reassuring? So, here we go!

The thought occurred to me sometime ago that I had been living in a state of entrapment. That my mind was in a perpetual prison. My experience being one in which, grasping at the pinpoints of light that inevitably peep through, only resulted in further entrapment in the prison of clouds. Then, a revelation came; my mind was not in a prison, rather, my mind was imprisoning me. The inner ‘ME’ that needs to exist and grow on this earth.

Think for a moment about the voice in your head. The voice that’s constantly telling you you’re not good enough; that someone is out to get you; that you’re a failure; that this is all someone else’s fault; your life is a mess. Or maybe it’s whispering, you’re better than she is; who does he think he is, you’re the one in charge; don’t they know you deserve more? How do those thoughts make you feel? Are you empowered to act? Or is there a surge of emotion; anger perhaps; a drive to do more, be more. How does that usually end? Unfinished projects; a feeling of helplessness; an increase in your stress level? And that’s how you’re imprisoned.

Think about the time you felt so confused, angry, conflicted and trapped. What did you do then? What are your emotions now? Take a moment and write about it. I did tell you to get a pen and paper.

Sometimes, the clouds are wispy and easily blown away and sometimes they’re so dark and heavy, we forget the sun is still there, never moving and never dimming. Just as your inner light. The voice in our head clouds out that light sometimes, but here’s the thing, when it rains we either enjoy getting wet or get an umbrella. Like the rain, we may not be able to control it, but we can get through it. Understanding that, is the beginning of freedom, the beginning of your journey.

Psychologists have long determined that being self-aware i.e. paying attention to our inner state, is the major component in self-control and emotional intelligence. More recently, educators around the world have begun designing programs in “social and emotional learning” or SEL, the goal being to help students and adults understand themselves better and manage their emotions and behaviours. Mystics of all religions, however, have for centuries understood this as an internal journey to self-discovery that takes you beyond what you feel – your emotions – to who you are.

This silent journey takes you to that place deep
within that connects you to all humanity and frees you to love and accept
yourself and others. Will you continue?



  • Lorraine Villaroel


    I'm Lorraine Villaroel, Facilitator and student of life.  Twenty five plus years of journaling and countless hours of solitude and silence, brought me to a place of deep awareness of my ignorance and my immense capacity for self-delusion.  In this place of darkness, however, I also discovered the deep, all embracing Presence of God and a quiet whisper that I learned to recognise as my Inner Voice. And my calling soon became clear, Live in the Spirit, Follow the Spirit and Share the Revelation.  This I do, in the hope that your life's journey may be easier and you too may uncover your voice and awaken the Power that is within you.